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Tips For Hassle Free Travel In Italy & Beyond From A Veteran World Traveler

Want to know how to get the best hotel room before or after your Italian cooking school tour? How to sail through airport security? The four items to repair almost anything? Want a veteran world traveler to tell you her secrets of hassle free travel? You’re in luck!

Travel journalist, Jeanine Barone has been exploring the world in luxury and rustic styles for 20+ years. In her amazing, new 28 page e-book, The Travel Authority: Essential Tips For Hassle Free Travel, she gives you 217 tips for traveling stress free in Italy or worldwide.

Jeanine Barone has written about travel tips and destination secrets for the National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveler. The perfect expert on hassle free travel!

Her e-book’s sections:

  • Documents, money, insurance, tickets: 16 tips
  • Packing: 31 tips
  • Gadgets, gizmos: 15 tips
  • Planes: 52 tips
  • Train, car, boat travel: 16 tips
  • Accommodation: 24 tips
  • Health, safety: 63 tips

Example tips from each section follow below.

The documents section tells you about getting the best exchange rates. Perfect for traveling in Italy! Lots of tips on travel insurance that protects your investment in your trip.

In the packing tips, I liked her “travel light” packing list. I’ve talked to Italy cooking school tour clients insisting on two suitcases each for a short Italian vacation, unable to convince them otherwise.

Products like a scarf that doubles as a purse with pockets to avoid theft also intrigued me.

Most food and wine lovers go to big Italian cities before or after their Ital ycooking school tours.  In the innovative gadgets tips, the pickpocket proof pants would work well.

The plane tips are particularly helpful for long flights like to Italy for your cooking school tour. Tips include getting through airport security faster and getting the best seat.

The “train, car or boat” section contains 16 tips on three vast topics. Given Jeanine’s extensive travel experience, I would have appreciated more tips on train, car, boat and even bus travel. The boat tips apply to cruise ships but give great reminders and advice.

The accommodation tips include detailed questions to ask when booking rooms to ensure you get the room you want and avoid unpleasant surprises like rooms facing parking lots. Jeanine’s wi-fi tips apply to Italy. I wish I’d read these before my last trip.

The health & safety section gives great tips for Italy travelers like avoiding heat exhaustion. Some food and wine lovers take a Mediterranean cruise before or after their Italy cooking school tour and will appreciate tips on staying healthy on cruises.

This e-book gem gives you a wealth of checklists, detailed questions for many situations, every day reminders, creative travel strategies that only a veteran traveler knows and innovative products. Well worth $2.99!

The Travel Authority: Essential Tips For Hassle Free Travel” by Jeanine Barone is available for Nook and Kindle at, and on her website,