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Italian Food, Cooking School And Wine Travel Consulting With Mama Margaret & Friends

Italian food & wine lovers!

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed at the thought of planning your 2022 trip to Italy? Where to go? What to do? Where to stay? How to best get around?
  • Would you like an expert Italy travel consultant who’s truly plugged into your travel goals to custom design your entire Italy trip AND give you insider tips so you travel smoothly? To connect you to extraordinary experiences someone with your interests shouldn’t miss?
  • Do you long to experience authentic local life with people in towns in Italy through cooking, eating, drinking, laughing together in small groups so you feel part of their lives?
  • Do you want to get access to places and special events that you’d never experience on your own? To get to know local people you’d never find on your own?

You have come to the right place!

We custom design entire Italy trips for food and wine lovers. Local people welcome you to their homes, wine cellars, farms, restaurant kitchens, so enjoy unique, insider experiences off the tourist track. You make heart to heart connections with Italian people and often leave as friends.

Mama Margaret has been traveling to Italy for 40 years and lived there three years. As an Italy travel expert in business since 1995, she can tailor make your whole Italy vacation and give you invaluable advice. You save time and stress, travel in Italy smoothly and feel assured you’re getting the highest quality experiences. One stop shopping with an extra dimension of service!