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Best Cinque Terre Wine Tasting Tours

A wine tour should always be a part of your itinerary so take a look at these Cinque Terre wine tasting tours and pick your favorite one.

Table of Contents

Top 3 Wine Tasting Tours

Wine tasting with cheese - 350x265

Windering - Private hiking and wine tour

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 7 hours
  • N/A
Top choice
Wine tasting - 350×265

Grand Hotel Portovenere - Vineyard visit and wine tasting

N/A One off
  • Hands-on
  • 4 hours
  • N/A
Wine and snacks - 350×265

Cinque Terre Adventures - Sunset Local Wine Tasting Tour

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 2.5 hours
  • N/A

Table of Contents

Everyone knows that when you come to Italy, that a wine tour should be a part of your itinerary so take a look at these wine tours and wine tastings and pick your favorite one to be a part of.

You will explore the beautiful area of Cinque Terre and the five villages that make up this beautiful area while having some wine along the way of course. You will sail on the sea, tour wineries and you can be sure that the wine will be amazing and the vineyards vast and lush.

These will be some of the best wine tastings that the Cinque Terre area has to offer you so bring along your partner or your group of friends and get ready to taste some of the best wine and experience the best views of the Cinque Terre area.

1. Windering - Private hiking and wine tour

Windering Wine tasting tour in Cinque Terre - 1280x720

Windering is always one of the most amazing choices for any wine tours and wine tasting excursions so be sure to come and join them and experience the magic.

This wine tour will start with a lovely hike that will lead you up through the pine forests and the famous terraced vineyards. You will experience amazing stunning views over the sea as your guide introduces you to the thousand year old history of wine making. You will then take part in a wine tasting experience filled with fine wines and experience it with local snacks such as focaccia or vegetable cakes.

This is the perfect experience to enjoy along with friends so be sure to bring them along for a day filled with fantastic views and the best wine tastings.

2. Grand Hotel Portovenere - Vineyard visit and wine tasting

Grand Hotel Portovenere Wine tasting tour in Cinque Terre - 1280x720

Come and join this wine experience at this beautiful hotel located in the Cinque Terre area for a day filled with beautiful vineyards and of course delicious wine.

You will discover the dynamic vineyards of Azienda Agricola Possa on a farm in Riomaggiore and meet Samuele Heydi Bonanini, an artisan producer of natural wines and an artist of heroic viticulture. You will then take part in a tasting of the renowned Sciacchetrà, a classic white wine from the Cinque Terre area, as well as red wines and roses.

This experience will offer you fantastic sea-views and a whole bunch of delicious wines that will give you a true look into the wines of the area and why they are so popular.

3. Cinque Terre Adventures - Sunset Local Wine Tasting Tour

Cinque Terre Adventures Wine tasting tour in Cinque Terre - 1280x720

If your idea of a good time is a beautiful sunset, good wine, and a fantastic boat ride, then come and join this experience for the most wonderful day on the water.

Local sommeliers will choose three wines for you to sip on and enjoy throughout the boat ride. This wine tasting will also be accompanied by local products and of course Sciacchetrà, a raisin wine that is produced exclusively in the Cinque Terre terraced lands. You will also discover the villages overlooking the sea and focus on two vineyards in particular during your experience.

You will end this wonderful day in the small harbor of Riomaggiore, the home of Cinque Terre Adventures and you can experience for yourself why this area is so popular and so loved.

4. Tera di Bargon - Visit to a wine cellar and a wine tasting

Terra di Bargon Wine tasting tour in Cinque Terre - 1280x720

This is one wine tasting in Cinque Terre that you will not want to miss so be sure to come and join one of the most amazing wine tastings that they offer.

This wine tasting will also include a cellar visit where you will taste the Sciacchetrà Terra di Bargòn and Roberto will tell the story of Bargòn and how it gets produced along with his brothers. You will learn about the production cycle of the wine and during the presentation you will taste some amazing wine paired with mature goat cheese.

This is sure to be a very informative wine tasting and any wine lover will be very pleased with the whole experience so be sure to also bring along a partner to share in the experience with you.

5. Curioseety - Riomaggiore Wine Tasting at a Cinque Terre Winery

Curioseety Wine tasting tour in Cinque Terre - 1280x720

The crystal clear water and stunning landscape that Cinque Terre is famous for will be the backdrop for this experience and will create the ideal environment for a fantastic time.

You will learn about the sweet Sciacchetrà that is produced in the Cinque Terre area and of course taste it for yourself. You will meet a winemaker at a famous Agricultural Cooperativa in Groppo di Riomaggiore and get the chance to explore their modern winemaking technologies up close and personal.

During this experience you will taste 2 dry white wines and of the famous Sciacchetrà sweet wine paired with local food delicacies.

6. Cinque Terre Tours - Wine tasting and boat trip of the Cinque Terre area

Cinque Terre Tours Wine tasting tour in Cinque Terre - 1280x720

This experience will start with a short train ride into the heart of the Cinque Terre where you will take a moment to enjoy stunning surroundings and walk down to the harbor for a comfortable boat trip, and you will experience the dynamic coastline from the sea.

In a relaxed environment, you will sample some high end Italian wines, such as a classic Cinque Terre white, grown on the surrounding terraces or delicious sparkling Prosecco from north of Venice, of a quality that would be rare to find outside of Italy. You will also enjoy ‘Monterosso al Mare, which is traditional anchovies from Monterosso which have been fished for centuries in the surrounding sea, and is the star of the local cuisine.

For those travelers that prefer red wine, you will get the chance to try an original Barbera d’Alba accompanied by local cheese and salami which will end your experience on a high note and will make you want to return time after time.

7. Cantina Cinque Terre - Wine tasting at a UNESCO world heritage site

Cantina Cinque Terre Wine tasting tour in Cinque Terre - 1280x720

This wine tasting at Cantina Sociale Cinque Terre will not only blow your mind with its views but show you a fantastic side to the wines of Cinque Terre.

You will be enchanted by an experience that blends enological culture, fragrances and tastes, and you will discover winemaking that makes a true difference: from the cultivation to the final production, from bottling to vinification, to pouring, in the company of people who know the true value of tradition and how to convey it.

You will visit the wine cellar and the wine tasting will be the highlight of the day so be sure not to miss it and to bring along your group of friends!

This is definitely a list of the Cinque Terre wine tastings that you should attend whenever you visit Cinque Terre and you will not be disappointed but be sure to also take a look at these cooking classes in Cinque Terre if you want to experience even more delicious food and amazing scenery.

From the views to the wine and of course the food, everything will be perfect and will not disappoint so make sure that you don’t miss them and you will surely have the experience of your life.

Disclaimer: Note that the food images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of the actual dishes or presentations you should expect during the classes. We strive to provide the best culinary experience, but the appearance of dishes may vary. Always refer to class descriptions and details for accurate information on what to expect.

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, of course you can visit wineries by yourself in Cinque Terre and you can either book a private experience or join a group of other travelers for the day.

If you are looking for picturesque views and a whole bunch of photo opportunities, then Cinque Terre is the place for you. With it’s pastel homes that are perched delicately over the seaside cliffs, it’s quite possibly the country’s most photogenic coastal destination so make sure to make a stop on your next trip and you won’t regret it!

Sciacchetrá is the queen of Cinque Terre wines and it always gets made with the same three grapes. This delicious passito is made with the selection of the best grapes which are dried for about 2 months and it is usually consumed as dessert with typical Italian biscuits such as biscotti, pandolce, and panforte which gets dipped into the wine.

All of us have wondered what the best time of the year is to visit a winery and while wine tasting experiences are unique throughout the year, the optimal periods during the year are generally the spring and fall seasons. In spring, you’ll witness the vineyards springing back to life after winter dormancy which is a truly unique experience and something that everyone should experience.

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