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Best Wine Tours in Piedmont Italy

Come and join any one of these these wine tours in Piedmont for a chance to taste local wines and learn all about the rich culinary heritage.

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Top 3 Wine Tasting Tours

Pink wine - 350×265

The Grand Wine Tour - Roero Wine Tour

N/A One off
  • Hands-on
  • 8 hours
  • N/A
Top choice
Pink wine in glasses - 350×265

Meet Piemonte Tours - Barolo Wine Tour

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 4 hours
  • N/A
Wine toasting - 350x265

Wine Paths - Bespoke Full Day Tour in the Barolo

N/A One off
  • Hands-on
  • Full day
  • N/A

Table of Contents

Wine tasting is always a fun outing and every wine tasting experience is always unique in its own way. Be sure to come and join any one of these these wine tours in Piedmont for a chance to taste local wines from the Piedmont region and learn all about the rich culinary heritage of the area.

This is without a doubt a list of the best Piedmont wine tours and any and all wine lovers will find their bliss during any of these wine tastings. You will also get the chance to take a look into the wine production methods and of course even take a tour through the vineyards of some of the most renowned wineries from the area.

Whether you want to take part in a few private wine tours or some relaxed wine tastings, you will find exactly what you are looking so be sure to choose your favorite ones for your next trip!

1. The Grand Wine Tour - Roero Wine Tour

The Grand Wine Tour Wine Tour in Piedmont Italy - 1280x720

This is one wine tour that you should not miss so come and join this experience along with some friends for a day filled with delicious wines and lovely views.

You will enjoy a gourmet lunch at Ristorante 21.9 in Piobesi d’Alba as Chef Flavio Costa blends his Ligurian heritage with local Piedmont ingredients for a dining experience that will be refreshing and very unique. You will also take part in a private guided winery tour at Tenuta Carretta in a stunning restored farmhouse and their impressive aging room where barrique and large oak barrels are used to age Roero and Barolo are stored.

You will take part in a wine tasting of 4 wines and by the end of this wine tour you will have a new love for these wines and how they get produced.

2. Meet Piemonte Tours - Barolo Wine Tour

Meet Piedmont Tours Wine Tour in Piedmont Italy - 1280x720

The vineyard-clad hills of the Barolo wine region are dotted with medieval castles and farmhouses so come and join this private wine tour to get the chance to experience some of it.

You will take part in a guided tasting of some exclusive single-vineyard Barolo wines in a renowned top-rated wine cellar as well as visit the vineyards and focus on the history and cultural heritage of the region during this tour.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to Piedmonts wines or a wine enthusiast, this Barolo Wine Tour is sure to deliver a new appreciation for the local winemaking culture and will allow you to taste wines like never before.

3. Wine Paths - Bespoke Full Day Tour in the Barolo and Barbaresco region

Wine Paths Wine Tour in Piedmont Italy - 1280x720

This experience will feature fantastic wine tasting and by the end of the day, you will feel not only satisfied with the wines that you have tasted, but also with the knowledge that you will pick up along the way.

You will visit the WiMu Wine Museum in Barolo Castle and stop-off at Barolo Regional Enoteca, take part in 2 different wine tastings, have lunch in a typical-style restaurant, and even walk in the historic center of Barbaresco, with a stop-off at the Regional Enoteca. You will taste both Barolo wines and Barbaresco wines during your experience.

Your day will be filled with world class wines so be sure to book this tour for your next trip and you will surely love every moment.

4. Piedmont Travel Guide - Alba Wine Tour: Discover the best Wineries and Cellars

Piedmont travel guide Wine Tour in Piedmont Italy - 1280x720

Be sure to join this wine tour to get the chance to walk among the rows of Nebbiolo vineyards and this will surely be a unforgettable journey.

You will take part in visit to the cellar which will allow you to learn how the grapes are harvested during the Harvest, which are the production processes of the different wines and much more during this guided tour. You will get the chance to taste different types of wines at every winery, including many DOC and DOCG wines.

This will a truly unique experience so be sure not to miss it and of course you should definitely bring along some friends to share in the experience!

5. Alba Wine Tours in Piedmont Italy - Barolo and Barbaresco Wine Tour

Alba wine Tours Wine Tour in Piedmont Italy - 1280x720

This experience will show you the beauty of Barolo and Barbaresco UNESCO heritage areas as well as why this is the best Italian region for vineyards, food and wine.

You will visit historic landmarks and panoramic points such as vineyards and cellars, medieval villages, castles and museums, Govone castle and Romano Levi museum, and you will of course discover small realities of local producers, and of course taste a gourmet lunch.

This wine tasting experience will allow you to taste wines that will absolutely blow your mind as you visit 3 cellars and taste 22 wines.

6. Piedmont Food and Wine Tours - Piedmont wine tours

Piedmont Food and Wine Wine Tour in Piedmont Italy - 1280x720

This wine tour will introduce you to the some of the main wines and grape varieties found in the area so be sure to come and join this experience on your next trip.

You will be introduced to 2-3 wine producers, where you can visit the cellars and taste and explore a variety of wines from the region, including Arneis, Dolcetto, Barbera and Barbaresco wines and Barolo wines. You will also drive through the vineyard landscape and get the chance to visit some of the most beautiful villages in the region for lunch and more food and wine tastings.

This wine tasting experience will show you a new side to Piedmont wine and this can definitely be ranked among the best Piedmont wine tours.

7. Piedmont Wineries - La Graziosa Wine Tours

Piedmont Wineries Wine Tour in Piedmont Italy - 1280x720

This wine company has been producing typical Piedmontese wines for four generations in Montegrosso d’Asti in the heart of Monferrato, the 50th UNESCO site in Italy.

You will get the opportunity to taste different types of wines, a white wine, red wine, a young red wine, and of course an aged red wine as well. All of this will also be accompanied by a platter of typical products to elevate your wine tasting experience above the rest.

This wine tasting will surely make in onto your list of the best wine tours in Piedmont so be sure that you do not miss it and you should also bring along some companions to share in the joy with!

8. Winerist - Barolo And Barbaresco Premium Wine Tour From Alba

Winerist Wine Tour in Piedmont Italy - 1280x720

This the definite choice for any wine lovers that find themselves in Piedmont which means that you shouldn’t waste any time in booking this experience for your next trip.

You will visit three different wineries and enjoy premium tastings during this group wine tour in Barolo and Barbaresco from Alba. You will get the chance to admire the Langhe hills and their panoramic wine routes as well as enjoy some wine tastings paired with food items such as salami and cold cuts, a plate of cheese with honey and jam, warm focaccia and even more.

This is definitely one of the best private wine tours for you to attend so make sure to join this experience and you will definitely not regret it!

Each one of these Piedmont wine tours will include fantastic wine tastings and of course a few tours of some of the best wineries in the area.

Be sure to also take a look at these wine tours from different areas all across Rome if you want to try amazing wines and you will surely find your favorite from among the bunch.

Disclaimer: Note that the food images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of the actual dishes or presentations you should expect during the classes. We strive to provide the best culinary experience, but the appearance of dishes may vary. Always refer to class descriptions and details for accurate information on what to expect.

Frequent Asked Questions

Piedmont has 5 sub-regions, Canavese, Colline Novaresi, Coste della Sesia, Langhe, and Monferrato, which produce prestigious wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco, and Barbera d’Alba.

If you wish to take part in fantastic wine experiences such as wine festivals and cellar tours and to be able to be part of the joyous spirit of the season then the summertime between November and February offers the perfect blend of sunny days, balmy evenings and a vibrant atmosphere.

If you’re looking for milder temperatures, then the spring and fall are definitely your best options as temperatures calm down a bit when compared to the summer and there is of course more going on than during the winter. Springtime is also when the crowds start to come back and things begin to get a little more lively.

The 2 best-known wines from the region include Barolo wine and Barbaresco wine and they are made from the Nebbiolo grape. These wines are ideal for storage and a well-aged Barolo for instance may leave you with a feeling of drinking velvet because the tannins are polished and integrated more and more into the wine.

Appointments are requested and required at some wineries and some wineries in Tuscany sometimes aren’t open to the public. There are exceptions, especially some tasting rooms in towns like Montepulciano, where you can walk in and do a tasting but a reservation is required for vineyard tours and most are included with the tasting of some amazing wines.

Piemonte wine is the range of Italian wines that gets made in the Piedmont region in the northwestern corner of Italy and the best-known wines from the region include Barolo and Barbaresco which are made from the Nebbiolo grape.

Known in Italian as Piemonte, the region spreads over 9,700 mi² (25.300 sq km) from the Alps to the Mediterranean and counts a population in excess of 4,300,000 inhabitants. Piedmont is also the second largest Italian region by extension after Sicily.

The word piedmont comes from the combination of the Italian words pied and monte, which mean “foot” and “hill” respectively. Piedmont lakes and piedmont glaciers, for example, are simply lakes and glaciers located at the foot, or base, of mountains, many of which you can see during your visit to the region.

Turin, the capital of Piedmont, is known for its refined historical and artistic heritage and the city is sure to enchant you with its historic cafés, museums, squares, churches and works of art so it is definitely a must visit destination for anyone travelling across Italy.

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