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The 9 Best Online Bread Baking Class

An online bread baking class is a fun activity for families to do together as you can explore different kinds of breads and recipes to make.

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Top 3 Online Bread Baking Classes

Sourdough focaccia - 799x610

That Bread Lady - Sourdough Focaccia

$ 34
One off
  • Online/Pre-recorded
  • N/A
  • Sourdough Focaccia
Top choice
Rustic loaf with butter on the side - 799x610

Alchemy Bread - Bread Baking Techniques for Beginners

$ 45
One off
  • Online/Pre-recorded
  • 1.5 hours
  • Rustic Loaf
Sourdough bread - 799x610

Alison Corses - The Ultimate Sourdough Baking and Cooking Course

  • Online/Pre-recorded
  • 2-3 hours
  • Sourdough Bread

Table of Contents

Bread is something that almost all people eat but very few know how to bake for themselves. It may seem complicated and of course not all breads are the same but most breads are pretty simple to make and will cost you much less than store bought while tasting better.

It might seem strange to take an online bread baking class but these classes will show you why it can be beneficial. By learning in a familiar environment you are able to practice making bread in the kitchen that you will be baking in which will ensure that the skills take root. This is also a fun activity for families to do together as you can explore different kinds of breads and recipes.

There are many different kinds of bread and they range from sourdough to focaccia, ciabatta and nutritious breads such as wholegrain, and even gluten free breads. You will be able to learn how to make these breads online from your own kitchen and with your own oven while following video instructions at your own pace or with a chef guiding you through the process.

1. That Bread Lady - Sourdough Focaccia

That bread lady - sourdough focaccia online class

This class is one of the best online baking classes to teach you how to create amazing bread using sourdough starter that many of us already have. By combining sourdough and focaccia, you get a bread that is not only good for you, but tastes and looks amazing.

During this online baking class you will learn how to make a classic focaccia recipe as well as a loaded sweet and savoury version and even learn how to create “Focaccia Art” with different vegetables and herbs on top of your bread.

This pre recorded class will teach you baking basics on your own schedule and is perfect for beginners and even those of us with the busiest lifestyle.

2. Alchemy Bread - Bread Baking Techniques for Beginners

Alchemy bread - bread bakung techniques for beginners

These virtual classes are the perfect place for home bakers to start their bread baking journey. You will learn how to mix, knead, roll and bake the perfect loaf without needing to leave your house.

These baking classes are on demand to help accommodate even the busiest lifestyle. You will learn all the baking basics during these hands on classes, and pretty soon hand made breads will be a regular staple in your home.

This class is a great introduction to baking as it is on demand so you can learn all the techniques and recipes at your own pace.

3. Alison Corses - The Ultimate Sourdough Baking and Cooking Course

Alison empower yourself, free sourdough baking course

This is definitely the best free class for people who want to learn how to bake breads online from their homes and do it on their own time.

You will start by learning how to make a sourdough starter, that can be used for more than just bread, and move on to how to use it in your baking. Included in this course is also how to make chicken alfredo by using handmade pasta.

This free course will be a great start to your sourdough journey and a place to start increasing your skill level and learn new recipes online on your own time.

4. Bread Ahead Baking School - Classic Italian Online Bread Baking Class

bread ahead italian baking e workbook and course

Come and join this baking class to learn how to create flavoursome hand made breads, whether you are one of the beginners or an experienced chef.

You will be taught how to make a delicious herby focaccia, ciabatta and even grissini with perfect results each time. You will be learning the basics of every one of these breads and what it takes to make them flawlessly as well as receive tips and tricks for your breads at home.

This class is perfect for beginners and experts alike and the recipes that you learn can be adjusted to your taste will certainly be used for many years to come.

5. Bread Lady's Kitchen - Artisan Bread Baking Classes

Artisan bread course with the bread lady's kitchen

Simple ingredients are sometimes all that you need to make delicious food. This class is the perfect introduction to different shapes of bread and how to bake them.

You will be learning a very versatile bread recipe and the techniques that you need to mix the dough properly, create different shapes from it and how to bake it to perfection. You will also be taught how to create complex flavours within your bread with just a little bit patience and time.

Other classes on offer include a cinnamon roll course as well as a course on quick breads.

6. The Sweet and Savoury Classroom - Artisan Bread Baking Class

Recorded artisan breads course on the sweet and savory classroom

There are very few things in life that are better than a freshly baked bread warm out of the oven and after one of these online baking classes, you will be able to feel that joy whenever you want.

This bread baking class will teach you the techniques for mixing your dough, kneading it by hand, shaping your loaves and baking your bread. You will be learning amazing recipes and invaluable techniques to ensure that your breads come out perfect every time.

This is one of the best online baking classes for home bakers who want to improve their bread baking skills and have success in their home baking.

7. The Bailiwick Academy - Keto Italian Bakes

keto italian bakes class on the Bailiwick academy

A lot of people believe that when you start to eat healthy or cut certain things out of your diet, that all your food will taste bland but these bread baking classes will prove anyone wrong.

You will learn how to make keto focaccia that will taste as good as it looks, a low-carb keto ham and cheese calzone made with two types of cheese and a delicious keto pizza. These recipes will serve you well when you need to eat healthy but still want to enjoy delicious food.

This class is a good introduction to keto baking basics and will show you that is still possible to eat delicious food even when you have dietary restrictions.

Are you interested in learning how to make fresh pasta, but want to stay comfy at home while doing it? As you saw online classes offer a fun and convenient way to learn new skills from the comfort of your own home. We have compiled a list of the best online pasta making classes, so you can find the perfect one for you. With these classes, you’ll be creating delicious meals in no time!

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