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Online Pasta Making Classes: The 8 Bests

There are many different pasta shapes and pasta recipes and you will be able to discover all of them with these online pasta making classes while being taught by everyone from professional chefs to Italian grandmothers.

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Top 3 Online Pasta Making Classes

Fresh ravioli and penne pasta - 799x610

Eataly - Hands on Online Pasta Making Classes

$ 120
One off
  • Online/Live
  • 1.5 hours
  • Fresh Pasta
Top choice
Cavatelli with pesto

Rockoly - Cavatelli with Pesto: Online Pasta Classes

$ 129
One off
  • Online/Live
  • 1 hour
  • Cavatelli with Pesto
Fresh pasta made at home - 799x610

Cesarine - Online pasta making classes

One off
  • Online/Live
  • 1 hour
  • Fresh Pasta

Table of Contents

Pasta making is something that a lot of people see as too difficult but the truth is, it is one of the simplest things that you can make. With only flour and eggs, you can create some truly delicious food in your own home even without any previous cooking experience.

There are many different pasta shapes and pasta recipes and you will be able to discover all of them with these online pasta making classes while being taught by everyone from professional chefs to Italian grandmothers.

You will learn all the tips and tricks of making pasta from scratch, from the dough to the cooking, and how to pair it with the correct sauces to create amazing dishes.

Italian cuisine is very centred around pasta making and some recipes and techniques have been passed down through generations which is just another reason why Italian food is special in so many ways.

These pasta making classes will give you a taste of that magic and you and your family will be hooked on Italian pasta, from spaghetti to gnocchi, for the foreseeable future.

1. Eataly - Hands on Online Pasta Making Classes

Eataly_ La scuola at home's virtual pasta making class

Learning how to make pasta has never been easier and pretty soon you will be making pasta just like some of the best professional chefs.

The chefs at Eataly will guide you through the process of pasta making in one of these online cooking classes that will have you making pasta in no time at all. They provide the box of ingredients that you will need for the class as well as wine suggestions for the dishes.

This live class is an excellent opportunity to learn some new skills and ask questions about pasta making and its secrets. These classes are sure to ignite your passion for Italian cooking and pretty soon you and your family will want to prepare these dishes almost every day.

They also offer a variety of other classes such hands on pizza making classes and even classes on traditional regional Italian dishes.

2. Rockoly - Cavatelli with Pesto: Online Pasta Making Classes

Rockoly page of its online pasta making class

Cavatelli is a small type of pasta that is shaped with curved edges and resembles a hot dog bun. It has a very similar shape to conchiglie, and does well with holding chunky sauces in its opening.

Come and join this class and you will learn how to make this pasta shape and pair it with a delicious pesto made with fresh basil and pine nuts. The chef will also teach you how to make other variations of pesto by using different kinds of nuts and a variety of greens.

This pasta making class is a great way to learn how to make a type of pasta that is not often seen as well as how to create different variations of a well loved sauce by providing you with a base recipe to customise however you like.

They also offer a class on pumpkin agnolotti for those who are looking to try new things and learn as much about Italian pasta as they can.

3. Cesarine - Online pasta making classes

Pasta online cooking class on Cesarine

These pasta making classes are excellent to help you discover a new passion for cooking and to broaden your knowledge and skills while learning amazing recipes during one of these live classes.

This private class will ensure that by the end of it you are fully capable of making your own pasta from the dough to the cooking and learn the ways of the best Italian sfogline from your own kitchen. You will receive a full equipment list before the classes start as well as an ingredient list so that you are fully prepared to cook as your lesson starts.

This is the perfect class for someone that wants to learn new recipes and by the end of this lesson you might just be cooking pasta and sauce for your family every day.

4. The Celiac in Italy - Virtual Pasta Making Class: Gluten Free Fresh Pasta

The Celiac in Italy - gluten free fresh pasta virtual class

Many people ask the question, why would I want to make pasta myself, and there are many answers to that question. For example, making pasta yourself is fun, you can decide what goes into your body, decide the shape, colour, etc. and it is a skill that you can only improve in.

One of these online cooking classes will teach you gluten free pasta recipes that you will be able to make even if you have never made fresh pasta before. You will learn how to mix, knead, roll and cook your pasta and you will discover that it definitely tastes better than any store bought kind.

This class is perfect of you have a celiac diagnosis but would still like to enjoy your comfort food and ensure that it is made the right way.

5. The Sweet and Savoury Classroom - Authentic Homemade Pasta

the sweet and savory classroom - homemade pasta class

Sometimes simple is just better and nothing proves that more than handmade pasta. With only a few ingredients such as flour and eggs, you are able to create an Italian cooking staple and it is easier than you might think.

These pasta making classes will teach you how to make pasta dough from scratch by showing you the techniques for mixing the dough, kneading it, how to roll it out and how to get it cooked just right. Your pasta meal will also be accompanied by two sauces, a rich pancetta and asparagus cream sauce that will have you wanting thirds and a marinara sauce that is good for more than just pasta.

This class will also teach you how to make classic braised vegetables and by the end of this class you will be making fresh pasta just like Italian grandmothers have been doing for generations.

They also offer a big variety of other cooking classes such as a French bistro class, a class on Peruvian cooking, pastry classes on pies and biscuits and even an artisan breads course.

6. The Happy Cook - Homemade Pasta and Ravioli

The happy cook Homemade pasta e ravioli

Ravioli is something that most people can agree on and for a very good reason. From cheese to seafood to egg yolk, the filling is always accompanied by delicious fresh pasta and a decadent sauce.

During one of these online pasta making classes you will be learning how to make fresh pasta dough from scratch and use that to make your ravioli. You will be taught how to knead, roll and cut your pasta to create the ravioli and fill it, and all the tricks to get them cooked to perfection.

This dish is very versatile as the fillings can be customised to what you and your family like and everyone is certain to have fun making them.

If you are looking for something sweet they also offer classes on cheesecake, meringues and even homemade alfajores.

7. The Seasoned Chef - Flavored Pasta: A Pasta Maker's Tour through Italy with Chef Andy

The seasoned chef_ flavored pasta making masterclass online

Coloured pasta is always something that sparks debate but the majority seem to agree that using natural colorants and flavours is the only way to go.

By taking one of these pasta making classes, you will learn how easy it is to add colour and flavour to your handmade fresh pasta dough. You will use tomato, saffron and spinach to create vibrant colours and bright flavours with your pasta.

This class is a good example of cooking with intention as your food will be healthier when you use natural colourants instead of using synthetic food colouring, and will even have added nutritional value.

They also offer other classes on dishes such as gnocchi, ravioli and even technical classes that cover cooking in an oven and braising. Other classes include Spanish dishes, Italian classics and classes for the young chefs in the house.

8. The Maya Kitchen - Pasta Making Online Cooking Class

The Maya kitchen online pasta cooking class

Pasta making is something that a lot of people are scared of because they fear that the process will be too difficult or that they will cook it wrong but these classes will show you that there is nothing to fear when making pasta.

When you learn the recipe for pasta dough, you unlock a world of possibilities. You will be able to make any pasta shapes, add any flavours and cook a variety of dishes. One of these virtual pasta making classes will teach you just that as well as creating wonderful sauces to pair your pasta with.

This class is an excellent option for someone who has just started to learn how to make pasta and would like to broaden their knowledge and be able to cook amazing food for their friends and family.

They also offer classes on different types of cuisine such as Mexican and Filipino and even pastry and bread baking classes that centre around how to pair coffee and breads. They also offer kids classes so there is something for the whole family.

Pasta and pizza have always been the emblems of Italian cuisine. Once you learn how to make your own fresh pasta, head to our list of the best pizza making online classes to find your favorite class and learn how to make everyone’s favorite food: pizza!

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