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The Best 9 Cooking Classes in Florence

Cooking classes in Florence are definitely some of the best for you if you want to learn how to make authentic Italian homemade pasta.

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Top 3 Cooking Classes in Florence

Fresh Corzetti pasta - 799x610

Mama Florence - Handmade Corzetti Pasta Course

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 4 hours
  • Max 12 ppl.
Top choice
Napolitan pizza margherita - 799x610

Curious Appetite Travel - Private Pizza Making in a Neapolitan-style

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 2 hours
  • N/A
Pasta with Salmon, zucchine and pink pepper - 799x610

Eating Europe - Authentic Florence Pasta Making Class

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 4 hours
  • Max 12 ppl.

Table of Contents

Learning how to cook or even just learning how to create new dishes is a pleasure in life that everyone should get to experience at one point and learning how to do that in Florence is just incredible.

Cooking classes in Florence Italy are definitely some of the best for you to be a part of if you want to learn how to make an authentic Italian meal with homemade fresh pasta, learn how to make the perfect pizza dough, potato gnocchi or even dishes such as roast pork or chicken stew.

You will enjoy a market tour, chianti wine tasting and make new friends during these cooking classes. This is sure to be an amazing experience for you, your family or whomever you decide to bring along with.

These Florence cooking classes will teach you all the tips, tricks and techniques that you need to cook authentic Italian cuisine just like a professional Italian chef in your own kitchen.

1. Mama Florence - Handmade Corzetti Pasta Course

Corzetti pasta course by Mama Florence - 1280x720

Knowing how to make hand made pasta is something that sparks joy and definitely tastes delicious. Paired with a yummy sauce and a glass of Italian wine, homemade pasta always tastes amazing.

This cooking class will teach you how to make a variety of special shapes, and of course the best fillings and sauces for you to pair your pasta with. You will learn how to make Corzetti pasta as well as other fresh pasta dishes using fresh ingredients and you will even get to try out the special technique of embossing your pasta with a special tool.

You will also be learning how make delicious seasonal sauces to pair with your pasta and the chef will explain why the Corzetti pasta holds sauce the way that it does.

You will end your cooking class with a full meal of the dishes that have been prepared alongside with your fellow classmates.

People that have been apart of these cooking classes in Florence have said these were some of the best cooking classes that they attended during their trips and they were a wonderful experience. They enjoyed the way that they were taught to make the pasta as well as the sauces.

People that had dietary restrictions or allergies were very happy with the accommodations that were made for them and commented that they did not feel left out at all. Children were also welcomed and parents were pleased with the way that they were included in the class.

2. Curious Appetite Travel - Private Pizza Making in a Neapolitan-style Pizzeria in Florence

Different cooking classes in Florence by Curious Appetite Travel - 1280x720

These are some of the best cooking classes in Florence that will show the wonders of Neapolitan pizza and how you are able to make it for yourself at home.

You will make your own pizza dough from scratch and use local ingredients such as buffalo milk mozzarella brought in fresh daily from one of Campagna’s most prized zones. You will build your own pizza and bake it to perfection under the guidance of your chef ‘pizzaiolo’ teacher for the day.

You will enjoy your pizza with your fellow classmates and receive the recipes that you have used during the day as well as an explainer article charting the history of pizza in Italy.

This is the perfect Florence cooking class for food lovers and families that are travelling with kids. They will enjoy this hands on cooking class even more when they realise that they will be able to enjoy as much pizza as they want.

3. Eating Europe - Authentic Florence Pasta Making Class

Authentic Florence Pasta Class by Eating Europe - 1280x720

Join this Florence cooking class led by a local chef as you learn how to make authentic Florence pasta.

Using fresh ingredients from the family-run markets in the Oltrarno neighbourhood, you will make delicious food and enjoy different wines during your cooking class. You will also get to pick fresh herbs from a private herbal garden.

You will be learning how to make the most delicious fettuccine and ravioli that you have ever tasted in your life as well as a typical, local dessert and enjoy everything after class with your fellow classmates.

This cooking class comes highly recommended by people that have taken it in the past. They enjoyed the way that the day flowed and enjoyed the food just as much – if not more!

4. Florence Food Studio - A day in the kitchen: Cooking classes in Florence

A day in the kitchen with Florence Food Studio - 1280x720

During this Italian cooking class in Florence you will be learning how to make 4 homemade dishes that you will surely be making for your family and friends for many years to come.

You will be taught how to make the best homemade pasta and even enjoy some wine during your cooking class.

One of these cooking classes in Florence is perfect for anyone that is on vacation in the area and would like to learn how to cook some regional dishes.

People that have attended one of these cooking classes in the past have said that this was the perfect experience for a solo traveller and that the staff were very accommodating. They enjoyed the flow of the day and they loved the food as well.

5. Chef Vary - Small group Tuscan pasta class

Chef Vary Pasta Cooking Class Florence - 1280x720

This Tuscan cooking class in Florence is one of the best cooking classes for you to learn about Tuscan pasta making and all that it is made up of. You will be transported to the Tuscan countryside through amazing flavors and tasty dishes.

You will be taught how to make fresh pasta from scratch as well as all the tips, tricks and methods of preparation that contribute to making this fresh pasta so irresistible. You will learn the importance of choosing the right ingredients and you will learn the stories behind the dishes of the region.

This is the perfect Florence cooking class for anyone who has ever been curious about Tuscan cuisine and would like to learn how to cook some of its amazing and delicious dishes.

6. The International Kitchen - Lesson with Chef Barbara

The international kitchen presents Lesson with Chef Babara - 1280x720

This Florence cooking class will take place in the country house of chef Barbara as she takes you on a journey of flavours.

You will start the cooking class with a visit to the wonderful San’Ambrogio market and then move on to the country house to take part in the cooking class of the day. You will be close to the centre of Florence but still in the heart of the Tuscan countryside as you learn to cook delicious food.

You will enjoy a hands on cooking class surrounded by olive trees and roses and afterwards you shall enjoy your lunch with amazing wine and of course good company.

This is the perfect cooking class for families travelling with children or someone that is gluten-free as the class can be adjusted accordingly.

This cooking class has been described as “tasty, filling, and unforgettable”. Past participants enjoyed the wide variety of dishes that were prepared and enjoyed learning all the tips and tricks that were needed to create these amazing dishes.

7. Destination Florence - Cooking Classes in Florence: Hand-made Pasta & Typical Dessert Cooking Class in the heart of Florence

Pasta and dessert class with destination Florence - 1280x720

This hands on Florence cooking class will help you discover the art and the secrets of how to prepare the most delicious pasta dishes.

You will learn how to make your own fresh pasta with simple ingredients such as flour and eggs as well as other ingredients and you will learn how to roll out your pasta using both with a rolling pin as well as a pasta machine.

You will be making 3 different types of pasta with 3 different sauces and even a typical Italian dessert using the organic ingredients in season.

You will enjoy a meal of all the dishes that have been prepared during the cooking class and even a delicious Tuscan wine with your fellow classmates.

8. Pasta Class Florence - The Art of Pasta and Italian Sommelier: Tasting and Dinner

The Art of Pasta and sommelier experience with pasta class Florence - 1280x720

Come and join a Master Pasta Maker as they teach you how to make your own pasta from scratch and you will even learn how to pair that pasta with some amazing Tuscan wine with the help of a sommelier.

You will start with an introduction to your ingredients of the day and afterwards you will start making your pasta dough. You will then of course enjoy a wine tasting and a sommelier will take you on a journey of Italian food and wine.

An example of some dishes that you will be recreating are a Tagliolini pasta with a Mushroom and Parmesan fonduta and even a Tagliatelle asparagus paired with fresh Truffle.

Past participants of these Florence cooking classes have said that these cooking classes were a fun experience. They enjoyed the food and wine that was provided. They commented that the host and staff were very knowledgeable and that they learned a lot.

9. Cesarine - Learn To Cook Like Italians Do In Florence: Private Cooking Class

Cesarine -learn to cook like italians class - 1280x720

The key to making amazing Tuscan food is to use perfect techniques that make the flavours sing and bring the dish to life. This cooking class in Florence will teach you how to do just that.

You will cook in a local home and learn how to prepare 3 local recipes and the skills that you learn from this cooking class are sure to last you a lifetime.

When you reach the end of this cooking class, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour and have them accompanied by local wines and enjoy them in good company.

Past participants of these cooking classes in Florence have said that the class was a great experience. They enjoyed learning about what life is like in the area. They enjoyed the food that they cooked and the wine that was provided as well as the company which they were in.

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Disclaimer: Note that the food images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of the actual dishes or presentations you should expect during the classes. We strive to provide the best culinary experience, but the appearance of dishes may vary. Always refer to class descriptions and details for accurate information on what to expect.

Frequent Asked Questions

The Cooking Touch in Florence is definitely the place to be if you are looking to attend a cooking class with a fantastic view. This cooking school has 3 locations that you are able to visit them at, Ponte Vecchio, Sant’ Ambrogio and even in the Chianti region.

The pasta shape that Florence is known for is called Gigli. This fluted pasta shape is specifically from Florence, where the lily is the local emblem.

Florence is also know for a pasta dish called Penne strascicate which originated in the region. The dish consists of a combination of penne pasta, ragù Toscano, and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano.

When you are attending a pasta making class it is important to have your hair tied back, especially if you have long hair, and to remove all jewellery such as rings and bracelets.

You should also wear comfortable close toe shoes and clothes so that you are not too hot during the class and to ensure that you can move around easy as you make your pasta.

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