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Top 8 Online Italian Cooking Classes with Anytime Access

With these pre-recorded online Italian cooking classes you can now take a cooking class any time and anywhere on your own time.

Table of Contents

Top 3 Online Italian Cooking Classes

Pici pasta with clams

Nonna Live: Italy Come to You - Vitello tonnato, Pici with clams, Fried Calamari and Tiramisu

$ 49
One off
  • Online/Pre-recorded
  • 80 mins
  • Not downloadable
Top choice
Fresh tagliatelle and sugo

The Seasoned Chef - Perfect Pasta and Gnocchi Workshop with Chef Andy

$ 35
One off
  • Online/Pre-recorded
  • N/A
  • Not Downloadable
Gnocchi with tomato sauce and ricotta salata

The Happy Cook - Online Gnocchi Cooking Class Pre-recorded

$ 15
One off
  • Online/Pre-recorded
  • 1 hour
  • Not Downloadable

Table of Contents

What if you could have a professional chef in your kitchen any time you need help with cooking or when you want to learn how to make a new dish? The good news is that it might just be possible.

With these pre-recorded online Italian cooking classes you can now take a cooking class any time and anywhere on your own time. This is especially helpful for when your week gets a little too hectic but you still want to make time to learn how to cook something new.

These cooking classes cover a variety of Italian dishes such as fresh pasta, deep fried arancini balls and many others so there is sure to be something for everyone.

1. Nonna Live: Italy Come to You - Vitello tonnato, Pici with clams, Fried Calamari and Tiramisu

Vitello tonnato, pici with clams, fried calamari and tiramisu online class at Nonna Live

Learning how to make Italian food can be very intimidating for some people but this pre-recorded online cooking class will show you that is not so difficult after all.

Pici is thick, hand-rolled pasta that almost looks like fat spaghetti and originated in the province of Siena in Tuscany but you don’t need to go all the way there to learn how to make it. This cooking class will show you how you can create this pasta and its accompaniments right at home as well as a range of dishes from antipasti to dessert.

You will be making 4 dishes in total during this class and in no time you will be the Italian chef of your own kitchen and be able to cook amazing Italian food at any time.

Past participants have commented that the classes were fun and informative and that they learned a lot of valuable skills.

Other on-demand classes include fettuccine with tomato sauce, pappardelle with mushrooms, lasagna and even maccheroni puttanesca.

2. The Seasoned Chef - Perfect Pasta and Gnocchi Workshop with Chef Andy

the seasoned chef, operfect pasta and gnocchi workshop online

Making fresh pasta dough is something that a lot of people are intimidated by because the concept seems like it should be very difficult and complicated, but in reality making pasta from scratch is a part of Italian cuisine that anyone can master for themselves.

During this on-demand class, you will be learning how to make your own pasta from scratch and you will see that it is actually a simple process and that it can be done on a regular basis to create delicious Italian pasta dishes.

You will also be learning how to make the lightest and softest gnocchi that you have ever tasted during your very own hands on cooking class.

This class also includes 2 sauces to pair with your pasta, carbonara and a lovely sage beurre noisette. These Italian recipes are very versatile and can be made into a variety of different shapes and dishes so you are learning more than two recipes, you are learning the basis to a lot of different dishes.

3. The Happy Cook - Gnocchi Cooking Class

The Happy Cook Prerecorded gnocchi class

Gnocchi is a fairly simple recipe to make and it is very well loved within Italian culture. The base can be customised almost infinitely and still maintain that soft, pillowy texture that everyone loves.

This is the perfect class to learn how to make different kinds of gnocchi and see how versatile it is. You will be learning how to make the classic potato gnocchi and pair it with a bolognese sauce, how to make ricotta gnocchi and a delicious tomato-sauce and even learn how to make goat cheese gnudi with a roasted beet puree and fresh thyme.

This class will also discuss the ways in which you can make substitutions within the recipes if some ingredients are not available in your area or if you would just like to mix it up a bit.

They offer a variety of other classes on topics such as how to cook a whole fish or how to prepare artichokes. They also offer dessert classes that include dishes like fruit tarts and lemon meringue and even have classes that cover pickling and fermentation.

4. The Sweet and Savoury Classroom - Authentic Homemade Pasta Making Class

The Sweet and savory classroom recorded homemade pasta class

You can’t discuss authentic Italian cuisine without mentioning fresh handmade pasta. It is something that is so simple to make yet most people avoid trying, but after this class you will no longer be one of them!

This fresh pasta class will have you mixing, kneading, rolling and cutting your own pasta in no time as you learn the art of making your pasta dough from scratch with very simple ingredients.

Included in this class will also be the recipes for a selection of sauces such as a pancetta and asparagus cream sauce and a delicious marinara sauce that is good for more than just Italian pasta dishes.

There are several other classes that you can take including how to make cinnamon rolls, french macarons and even crepes. They also offer classes on Greek cooking, pizza making and even a Peruvian cooking class.

5. The Culinary Studio - Italian Family Date Night

The culinary Studio - Italian Family date night class

Italian food is something that is associated with family and so often Italian cooking is done together with the whole family helping and then the meal is enjoyed together afterwards.

This online Italian cooking class will give you the chance to experience making Italian dishes with your family as you all gather around and follow the video to create a delicious meal to enjoy together.

The menu includes crispy cheese-stuffed arancini paired with a tomato sauce, Italian wedding soup completed with mini meatballs and delicious garlic bread that, as we all know, is always a winner.

This is a combination of typical dishes that you can enjoy with your family and it will definitely taste better than any local restaurant after cooking the dishes alongside your family.

They offer other cooking classes on a variety of different cuisines that include Moroccan cooking, Indian dishes, German cuisine and even Mexican dishes.

6. Relish Mama - Online Italian Cooking Classes: Gnocchi

Relish Mama gnocchi online cooking class

Cooking Italian dishes can be very intimidating to some but with some fresh ingredients, a glass of local wine and amazing traditional recipes, you will discover why an Italian kitchen is such a happy place.

By learning the traditional methods for making gnocchi, you will see that they are not difficult to make and soon you will be making them any chance that you get and awaken the Italian chef inside of you. You will also learn how to cook 2 amazing sauces to have with your gnocchi and by the end of all of this, you will have a hearty meal filled with gnocchi.

These Italian recipes will be used for many years to come to make delicious Italian dishes for family, friends and anyone that enters your home. The dishes will be filled with love and of course just a touch of olive oil.

They also offer different cooking courses as well as classes on Spanish cooking, Thai cuisine, an Indian curry masterclass and even a class on Moroccan cooking.

7. Chef Alyssa's Kitchen - Virtual Italian Cooking Class: Gnocchi Cooking Class

Prerecorded online cooking classes of Chef Alyssa

Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to be allocated to the things that we love doing so we have to squeeze them in whenever we get a chance. This class will allow you to do just that by giving you the power to take these online classes whenever you want without needing to worry about time.

This class is the perfect way for you to learn to cook Italian food on your own time and at your own pace. This Italian cooking class will teach you the tips and tricks that you need to make gnocchi dishes that taste like they came straight from Italy.

You will be making gnocchi two ways and pair them with a delicious sauce. The first will be sweet potato gnocchi with ricotta and the second will be traditional potato gnocchi, which will be finished off with a spinach and roasted lemon sauce.

They offer a wide variety of different classes ranging from gumbo to enchiladas and even paella, which will teach you that you don’t need to attend cooking school to learn basic cooking skills and be able to make delicious food.

8. Julia Turshen: Online Classes - Vegan Italian Feast

About Julia at Julia Turshen online cooking classes

Vegan food is something that a lot of people see as bland and tasteless but what they don’t realise is that there are so many recipes and dishes out there that completely contradict that. This class is an example of that by taking Italian dishes and making them vegan friendly for people to enjoy.

This class will show you that is still possible to enjoy your favourite Italian dishes even if you are vegan. The menu includes a big pot of spicy penne arrabiata paired with crunchy, garlicky breadcrumbs as well as a sheet pan of roasted caponata made with delicious eggplant and peppers.

Included will also be a discussion on how to repurpose your leftovers to try and eliminate as much food waste as possible. Everything will end on a sweet note with a decadent chocolate-espresso cake that will definitely become a regular staple in your home.

Are you loving the Italian cuisine online classes? If you’re looking to take it up a notch and make it even more engaging, we’ve got you covered. Head on over to our page where you can find interactive online Italian cooking classes, all streaming live. Get ready to immerse yourself in the culinary world of Italy from the comfort of your own home!

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