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8 Italy Cooking Vacations You Can’t Miss

During one of these Italy cooking vacations you will get to do everything from a variety of culinary tours to wine tours.

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Top 3 Italy Cooking Vacations

Casolare in Tuscany - 799x610

Tuscookany - One week Italian Cooking classes in Tuscany

$ 4,450
One off
  • Tuscany
  • 7 Days
  • Wine Tastings
  • All inclusive
Top choice
Umbria countryside - 799x610

Cucina Della Terra - Classic Culinary Vacations

$ 4,100
One off
  • Umbria
  • 8 Days
  • Wine Tastings
  • Not all inclusive
Parco degli aquedotti in Rome - 799x610

I Cook In Italy: Authentic Food and Wine Experience

One off
  • Lazio (Rome)
  • 7 Days
  • Wine Tastings
  • All inclusive

Table of Contents

A cooking vacation is a great way to treat yourself if you love cooking and exploring new places. It has all the excitement of learning how to cook new dishes and recipes, and being exposed to new cultural experiences in a new place.

During one of these Italian cooking vacations you will get to do everything from a variety of culinary tours surrounding different areas of Italian cuisine to wine tours where you get to taste famous wines from the region.

You will of course also be participating in hands on cooking classes where you will learn how to cook local Italian dishes with local chefs and fresh ingredients.

These are some of the best cooking vacations in Italy if you are looking for a fun experience for yourself or for you and your family and you will walk away with new memories, new skills and a recipe book that you will be using for years to come.

How to choose the right cooking vacation in Italy

Choosing an Italy cooking vacation for yourself or for your family can depend on a few different aspects such as where you would like to go and what kind of classes and activities you want to attend during your stay.

It is important to take into consideration the distance that you would need to travel to get to your culinary vacation and it is also important to consider how full you want your itinerary to be and how much free time you would like to have to do your own things.


You can choose the location for your culinary vacation from some of the many fantastic regions in Italy. Whether you would prefer to stay somewhere along the seaside, enjoy your time in the city centre or relax in the countryside, there is a whole lot of different regions with a variety of cuisines to choose from depending on your preferences.

In the countryside, you will be enjoying seasonal produce and the open air atmosphere, while along the seaside you will be exposed to fresh seafood daily and in the city centre you will be enjoying the local culture, vibe and experiences.

The location that you choose will have an impact on your travel time depending on where you live, and will also affect how easily you are able to go out and explore by yourself.


During your cooking vacations in Italy, you can either have one cooking class for your whole trip and enjoy a variety of other experiences or you can even have one every day.

You can choose how many planned activities you want to be a part of and how much free time you and your family want to have. It is especially important when you travel with kids but even if you are travelling alone.

Keep in mind that if you would like to have a lot of time to explore the area where you are staying, you don’t want to have too much things on your itinerary.

1. Tuscookany - One week Italian Cooking classes in Tuscany

Tuscookany - one week italian cooking clkasses in Tuscany page

Come and join this culinary vacation in a luxurious villa in Tuscany and spend the week learning fantastic new recipes and enjoying the fresh open air.

You will learn how to make complete 4 course dinners and cover all the basic Italian cooking techniques that you will need to make fantastic food.

You will even learn how to make your own pizza in their wood burning pizza oven and enjoy excursions such as a cheese tasting, an olive oil tasting, local village shopping and of course a wine tasting at an amazing winery.

This is the perfect culinary vacation if you want to experience the local cuisine and enjoy fantastic local wines. Whether you are travelling alone or with your family, you will surely make new memories and learn how to prepare delicious Italian dishes.

This vacation has been described as fun and interesting by people that have attended it in the past. People have commented that the classes were easy to follow and that the food was incredible. They also especially enjoyed the surrounding area and said that the villa was beautiful and inviting.

2. Cucina Della Terra - Classic Culinary Vacations

Cucina della terra Cooking vacation in Umbria

This cooking vacation will teach you the importance of fresh, local ingredients and how they contribute to the taste of the local cuisine.

You will experience the olive groves and vineyards that surround this authentic farmhouse and tour landmark hill towns, local vegetable markets as well as cultural centres. You will also visit cheesemakers and wineries that will show the wonders of Italian craftsmanship.

You will walk away with amazing recipes and newfound skills that you will be using alongside your family in your home every day for many years.

People that have been a part of this cooking vacation in the past have loved the experience, the food and especially the excursions.

3. I Cook In Italy: Authentic Food and Wine Experience - Cooking vacations in Italy

Cooking tour in Italy organized by I Cook in Italy

Luxury accommodation and cultural excursions, what more could you ask for as you explore Italian culture during this culinary vacation in Italy.

You will take part in hands on cooking classes as well as culinary and cultural tours where you will learn how to cook typical dishes from the local tradition and Mediterranean diet. You will use seasonal ingredients and learn local recipes.

Some of the excursions include visiting a traditional olive mill and even a cheese farm, where you will participate in tastings of their products, and get to explore medieval towns and abbeys.

This is one of the best cooking vacations in Italy for someone looking to visit an old seaside town and taste the fresh seafood while you are there.

4. Tuscany Now & More - Cooking Vacations in Tuscany: The Art of Pasta Making

Tuscany Now & More - Cooking vacation in Tuscany

Come and stay at one of the most beautiful private villas in Italy as you learn how to make any kind of pasta that your heart could ever desire.

This cooking vacation is all about pasta, from pappardelle to gnocchi to cannelloni and so much more. You learn how to make Italian dishes during the hands on cooking classes led by one of the English speaking local chefs. You will learn everything from preparing the dough, fillings to the sauces and even more.

This is probably the best Italian cooking vacation for pasta enthusiasts whether you are attending alone or with your family.

People have commented that the staff were great, very attentive, very friendly and extremely helpful. They also loved the area and found the food delicious.

5. Good Tastes of Tuscany - Cooking Vacation in Italy

Cooking vacation in Tuscany Enquiry page on Good Tastes in Tuscany website

Come and savour the wonders of Italian cuisine during one of these cooking vacations in Italy. You will enjoy cooking classes as well as food and wine tours during your culinary vacation.

You will learn how to prepare delicious dishes that you will be cooking in your own kitchen for your friends and family for many years.

People that have been part of one of these culinary tours in the past have commented that they enjoyed the food and that the entire staff was very knowledgeable and patient.

6. Castello di Montalero - Unique Italian Cookery Experience

Castello di Montalero Home Page

This is sure to be a culinary experience that you will not soon forget. Local chefs will lead you through this culinary vacation as you learn how to make the cuisine of the Monferrato region.

You will participate in hands on cooking classes in a 300 year old castle that is equipped with specially designed kitchens. Everything is modern and fully equipped with fully prepped work spaces. You will use local ingredients and learn about their sustainable methods of production.

You will also have the option of early morning yoga sessions and you will get to take part in a variety of different excursions during your time on one of these culinary vacations.

You will also receive a personalised apron as well as a printed recipe book containing all of the recipes that you have learned during the week.

People that have been a part of one of these cooking vacations have commented that they enjoyed their first trip so much that they brought the rest of their family along with them for a second trip.

7. Let's Cook in Umbria - Cooking vacations in Italy

Details of the 7 day cooking vacation by Let's Cook in Umbria

Join one of these cooking vacations in Italy and learn how to cook authentic Italian dishes while you stay in a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by olive groves and vineyards.

You will be guided through the different aspects of Umbrian cooking as the chefs share their secrets with you and teach you how to create fantastic new flavours.

During your Italian cooking class you will learn how to use homegrown fruit and vegetables, organic eggs and their own extra virgin olive oil. This will be followed by a delicious lunch consisting of the dishes that you have prepared paired with fantastic wine.

You will have free time in the afternoon to enjoy as you please and you will receive useful information on festivals, guided tours, transport, maps, activities and attractions that are happening in the area for you to enjoy.

This Italian cooking vacation has been loved by many. They said that the host was very accommodating and that the place that they were staying at was very comfortable and that the area was beautiful.

8. Cook in Tuscany - Italian Cooking Vacation

Sample schedule of a cooking vacation in Italy by Cook in Tuscany

This Italy cooking vacation will take you on the journey of a lifetime. From the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you will be surrounded by Italian culture and all the food that goes along with it.

You will be able to enjoy a variety of different culinary tours including a cooking class with the mother/daughter team at Belaggagio, you will be able to go shopping at Montepulciano and even go truffle hunting for the truffles that you will be having with dinner that night.

You will learn incredible recipes for delicious dishes while staying at the fantastic La Chiusa Hotel in Montefollonico. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience whether you go alone or with your family.

People have commented that they absolutely enjoyed the cooking classes and that the wine was fantastic. Many have gone back for another vacation and enjoyed it even more.

Is Tuscany your favorite Region in Italy? Found out more cooking tours in our dedicated page for Tuscany cooking vacations.

Frequent Asked Questions

The city of Florence is the best city for food and wine tours. It is one of the best food cities in the world and has a variety of different landmarks and food destinations.

Yes, Italy does indeed have good culinary schools. Popular schools include Corden Bleu, Apicus International School of Hospitality and ICIF Cooking School.

These schools are internationally recognised and will definitely help foster the skills that you are after.

Food and wine tours in Italy are completely worth it. Italy is one of the world’s best food destinations. It boasts several different regions and each have their own style of cuisine as well as their own techniques and style of dishes.

Most people believe that Bologna has the best food but Italy has many different regions and many different cities which makes it hard to choose just one type of food. For example, some of the best steak can be found in Florence but the best carbonara allegedly comes out of Rome.

Depending on your food favours, there is sure to be a region and/or city in Italy that makes it the best for you to visit.

If you are looking to further your culinary education, there are many great options. The Italian Institute for Advanced Culinary and Pastry Arts, The International Cooking School of Italian Food and Wine and Corden Bleu are some of these options.

Be sure to check out the length of the course that you want to take and make sure that you fully understand everything that the curriculum entails.

You will find some of the best cooking classes in the Tuscany region. The entire region’s cuisine is built on fresh ingredients, age old techniques and family recipes which makes this the prime place to take a cooking class.

If you are looking to become a professional chef in Italy there are certified short-term and long-term courses that you can take from various institutions and cooking schools.

After your studies you can work towards an internship and before you know it you will be on your way to becoming a great cook.

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