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The 8 Best Pasta Making Classes in Italy

These pasta making classes in Italy are a great place for you to start if you are a beginner but also if you have some pasta making skills.

Table of Contents

Top 3 Pasta Making Classes in Italy

Homemade fresh ravioli

Riccardo Cooking Class - Fresh Pasta Cooking Class with Real Italian Sauces

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 3 hours
  • Max 8 ppl.
Top choice
Fresh orecchiette pasta - 799x610

Rome with Chef - Pasta and Tiramisu Making Class

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 3 hours
  • Max 12 ppl.
Fresh homemade tagliatelle

Eat and Walk Italy - Fresh Pasta Class: Fettuccini making in Rome

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 2 hours
  • Max 15 ppl.

Table of Contents

Are you one of those pasta lovers that can eat pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you often fantasize about that pasta paired with rich, flavourful sauces, some cheese sprinkled over and a drizzle of olive oil?

This is definitely the list for you, and contained in it you will surely find a class in Florence, a class in Rome, and so many more, that will teach you how to make any kind of pasta that you desire with confidence. You will also learn the fine art of pairing your pasta with the perfect sauce and even how to make the perfect Italian dessert in the process.

These pasta making classes in Italy are not only a great place for you to start if you are only a beginner but also an excellent choice to sharpen your pasta making skills, even if you have years of experience with making your own pasta.

1. Riccardo Cooking Class - Fresh Pasta Cooking Class with Real Italian Sauces

Fresh Pasta Class with Italian sauces with Riccardo cooking class - 1280x720

Join this Roman Chef for an authentic experience of learning how to make delicious Italian pasta in this cooking class in Rome, Italy.

You will get incredible hands on experience and cook with fresh ingredients to create pasta dough from scratch, stuffed and long pasta, a pasta filling and the sauces to accompany everything with. During this class you will also enjoy some organic wines with the delicious food that you prepared.

The produce comes from local, small farmers and producers when possible which just shows why this cuisine is far ahead of the curve.

2. Rome with Chef - Pasta and Tiramisu Making Class

Rome with Chef cooking classes section

Come and join this pasta making class to learn the skills and secrets behind real Roman recipes along with one of their chefs.

You will prepare and mix your dough from scratch while learning all the secrets behind Italian pasta that have been used for generations. You will knead, roll out and cut your dough to create the perfect fettuccine and pair it with a delicious sauce.

Included in this cooking class will be how to make a decadent tiramisu. You will learn how to balance dairy, booze and sweetness better than any restaurant and end the class with a lovely glass of wine.

The skills that you will pick up in this class are priceless and you are sure to use them for many years to come.

3. Eat and Walk Italy - Fresh Pasta Class: Fettuccini making in Rome

Eat and Walk Italy presents Fettucine making in Rome pasta class - 1280x720

Learn how to create your own egg pasta with an amazing local chef in one of these cooking classes, from the preparation of the dough to the cutting of your pasta.

You will be cutting tagliolini, pappardelle, fettuccine and maltagliati from your dough and choose a delicious sauce to pair your pasta with. You will also enjoy some appetisers consisting of bruschetta with tomatoes and, of course, a nice glass of wine. You will enjoy your creation for lunch and end everything with their famous limoncello.

This is an amazing class for those people who are just starting out on their pasta journey and who want to learn the basics of homemade pasta.

4. Cook with Mamma - Pasta and Tiramisu

Cook with Mamma - Pasta and Tiramisu class - 1280x720

This is the perfect class to take with your family if you are looking to have a wonderful experience while learning how to make amazing Italian food.

You will be making 2 types of pasta – tagliatelle and cavatelli – during this pasta class and learn how to prepare one of the best tiramisus in Rome. You will learn about old traditions that may be a bit lost in today’s world and develop a new appreciation for these pasta dishes and this world famous dessert.

Be sure to check out their other classes and remember to bring a friend along with you!

5. Chef Vary - Tuscan Pasta Cooking Classes

Small Group Tuscan Pasta Class with Chef Vary - 1280x720

Come and experience Tuscan farmhouse cooking at its best in one of these cooking classes with Chef Vary.

You will be transported to the Tuscan countryside with these amazing recipes and bold flavours and prepare dishes like Pici spaghetti, stuffed ravioli, gnocchi with Parmigiano Reggiano and even tagliatelle with chickpeas and much more.

Everything will be prepared from scratch in this traditional Tuscan cooking class using fresh ingredients and you won’t even mind getting a bit messy when making these pasta dishes in class or at home for your family and friends once you taste them at the end.

6. Italian Cooking Classes in Rome - Pasta Making and Tiramisu

Italian cooking Classes in Rome - pasta making class rome - 1280x720

This is one cooking class that you will not want to miss! From the pasta to the tiramisu, this class has no shortage of flavour or skills for you to harness.

You will learn an amazing recipe for pasta that you will be able to transform into stuffed and long pasta and then pair them with two traditional sauces. This recipe is sure to be frequently requested by your family and before you know it, all your free time will be spent making pasta from scratch!

This class is also where you will find a recipe for “the best tiramisu in the world” that will be the perfect end to any meal.

7. Mama Florence - Hands on Cooking Class: Fresh pasta cooking classes

Hands-on pasta making class with Mama Florence - 1280x720

If you find yourself looking for a cooking class in Florence then this might be the perfect solution for you!

This pasta making class in Florence will teach you how to make fresh pasta with and without eggs as well as how to form it into different shapes and sizes. You will also learn how to make the best fillings and sauces to accompany your dishes, plus they will even teach you the secrets of how to make coloured pasta.

This hands on class will teach you how to become an expert in making your own pasta and how to have fun with it in the process. You will of course also enjoy an appetiser, a dessert and delicious wine to top everything off.

8. Savio's Kitchen Italian Cooking School - Italian Cuisine: Pasta and Pizza making classes

Savio's Kitchen Pasta making class - 1280x720

This school’s namesake is one of those chefs that has a lot of passion for his cooking and the tradition and culture behind his food.

You will experience a true Neapolitan vibe within this kitchen and everything will be made from scratch using fantastic ingredients. By learning these recipes, you will discover a part of Italian culture that you won’t find in books and realise why it is so important to this chef and many others like him.

You will learn how to make tagliatelle and ravioli, and you will surely be making them for years to come. As an added bonus, this class will also teach you how to make amazing Neapolitan style pizza!

We are confident that you will love your new culinary experience in one of the best cities in Italy. And if you don’t want the wave of culture and culinary skills to stop, why not try one of the many pizza classes in Italy to double the fun?

Disclaimer: Note that the food images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of the actual dishes or presentations you should expect during the classes. We strive to provide the best culinary experience, but the appearance of dishes may vary. Always refer to class descriptions and details for accurate information on what to expect.

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