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The Top 8 Online Pizza Making Classes: Fun Cooking

Some people might find the idea of online pizza making classes to be of no use but these online classes will prove them wrong.

Table of Contents

Top 3 Online Pizza Making Classes

Fresh pizza with olives and cherry tomatos

MFP Consulting - Online Pizza Course

£ 59
One off
  • Online/Live
  • 3 hours
Top choice
Home-made pepperoni pizza - 799x610

Scott's Pizza Tours - Online Pizza Making Classes

$ 299
One off/8 Pax
  • Online/Live
  • 1.5 hours
Napolitan pizza margherita

Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana - Pizzas of Tradition

One off
  • Online/Pre-recorded
  • N/A

Table of Contents

Some people might find the idea of online pizza making classes to be of no use but these online classes will prove them wrong and teach you that it is completely possible to make amazing pizza at home.

Whether you want to participate in a live class and be able to ask questions, or prefer to watch a pre-recorded video and learn at your own pace, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our selection of the best online pizza making classes!

You will be learning the secrets of creating a great pizza dough from scratch, how to shape it, roll it and of course how to bake your delicious pizza.

From the perfect crust to expertly melted cheese covering amazing toppings, there are a lot of different techniques that go into making a pizza but you are sure to find all that you need in these classes.

1. MFP Consulting - Online Pizza Course

MFP Consulting online pizza course

Come and join this cooking class to learn how to make the perfect dough and perfect pizza at home.

From the mixing of the dough to the baking, you will be taught the skills that you need to be able to cook pizza without needing a wood fired oven. The class will be filmed from all angles so that you can perfectly see every movement made by the chef during the process and not miss a single gesture.

This is a great class for pizza lovers who want to learn the basics of the pizza industry and learn how to use a regular oven to bake their pizza in.

2. Scott's Pizza Tours - Online Pizza Making Classes

Scott's pizza tours online pizza making classes

It doesn’t matter if you have been making pizza for years or if you are new to pizza making, this class is perfect for you.

This class will teach you the necessary techniques for making pizza at home and you will be pleased to know that you already have all the necessary equipment in your kitchen. This class will also allow you to ask questions so that you can be sure to have the best outcome with your pizza whether you are using your normal home oven or even a backyard pizza oven.

This class can also be booked for groups and private events so it is also perfect for families living far away from each other who want to spend some time together in a different way.

3. Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana - Pizzas of Tradition

Associazione Verace pizza napoletana online pizza class

If you do not have time for live pizza making classes, this is the solution for you. You can take this homemade pizza making class at your own pace and pause as many times as you need to during the process.

You will discover the Pizzas of Tradition and learn how to prepare them for yourself. You will use pizza toppings such as lard, Napoli salami, artichokes, champignon mushrooms and many more. During this pizza making class you will also learn how to make a calzone containing Ricotta Romana P.D.O and how to bake it perfectly.

The knowledge that you will gain from this course is something very rare and is sure to be treasured for the rest of your life.

4. Art Viva - Pizza Master Class

Art Viva - pizza making masterclass

Join Chef Giacomo as he takes you on a journey to Tuscany without having to leave your kitchen.

You will learn the tricks that you need to make authentic Italian pizza at home from anywhere in the world. You will also get the chance to ask questions during these live pizza making classes and receive recipes that will be enjoyed by your family for years to come.

You are sure to develop a new passion for cooking pizza while having some fun along the way in one of these classes and you will surely be making these recipes for friends and family on a regular basis.

5. Sourdough Sophia - Pizza Making & Sourdough Starter Online Workshop

Pizza Making and sourdough starter online workshop - Sourdough Sophia

Not many pizza classes double as a sourdough class as well, but it is definitely an amazing combination.

This class will shed a different light on homemade pizza and as many of us have a sourdough starter in our fridge, you will learn that there are many different ways to use it. You will be taken through the whole process of how to make a sourdough pizza from scratch and even have the opportunity to ask questions on sourdough starter maintenance as well.

This is the perfect class for someone who wants to learn how to make something new with their sourdough starter and has been wanting to get into pizza making.

6. The Sweet an Savoury Classroom - Ultimate Neapolitan Pizza Making Class

Pre-recorded napolitan pizza making online class on The Sweet and Savoury classroom website

Come and join this class and learn how to make authentic Neapolitan pizza at home.

You will learn how to make everything from the pizza dough to the pizza sauce and even how to stretch and toss the dough. This a great class to take with your family as the videos are kids friendly and the recipes are easy to follow.

This class can be taken in your own time to ensure that you get the most out of your experience and learn all that you can.

7. The Seasoned Chef - Pizza Party with Chef Aarika

The seasoned chef, pizza party online class

Great pizza takes time and sometimes that time has to be very strategically planned which is why you can take these pizza making classes on your own time and at your own pace.

You will be taught how to make homemade pizza from scratch using your home oven. This hands-on cooking class will give you the knowledge that you need to create an amazing pizza dough and a delicious pizza sauce so that you are able to make any pizza that your heart desires.

This pizza making class is a very good class for someone with a busy schedule who still wants to make some time for themselves to learn a new skill.

8. Made in Hackney - Authentic Italian Vegan Pizza Making Class

Made in Hackney vegan pizza class

It is not often that you come across vegan pizza making classes but fear not because today is the day that you get the chance to learn how to make a vegan pizza from scratch.

This pizza making class will teach you how to make a vegan pizza dough as well as how to knead, shape and roll it. You will create delicious toppings, learn some knife skills and even learn how to use light whole grain flours for healthy yet delicious food.

This class is perfect for someone who is interested in learning about healthy cooking techniques, how to limit their use of oil and salt and those who want to explore plant based cuisine but still indulge in their comfort food.

Are you craving to learn more about the art of Italian cuisine, but still prefer the comfort of your own home? Our team has compiled a list of the best Italian cooking classes online, so you can easily find your next adventure in the kitchen! It’s the perfect opportunity to learn how to make mouth-watering Italian dishes while having an enjoyable experience.

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