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A List of the Best Wine Tasting in Puglia Italy

For the best wine tasting tours to take part in during your trip then be sure to pick your favorite out of these wine tours in Puglia.

Table of Contents

Top 3 Wine Tasting Tours

Different wines - 350×265

Wine Tourism - Primitivo di Manduria Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting in Puglia

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 30 min
  • Max 20 ppl.
Top choice
Wine and snacks - 350x265

Windering - Puglia at the table: Wine Tasting and dinner at Antica Masseria Jorche

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 3 hours
  • N/A
Wine and cheese - 350×265

Terra Chevive - Organic wine tasting in a farmhouse in Alberobello

N/A One off
  • Hands-on
  • 1.5 hours
  • N/A

Table of Contents

If you are looking for the absolute best wine tasting tours to take part in during your trip then be sure to take a look and pick your favorite out of these fantastic wine tours in Puglia. From a historic winery to a historic center, you will get the chance to taste amazing sweet wines, red wines, white wines, and so many more.

You will get the chance to take part in various wine tastings and wine tours and each one of these winery tours in Puglia will give you a fantastic introduction to the wine making of the area. These are the best wine tours and will be filled with the best wine tastings that you can’t miss!

You will also be introduced to delicious food along with your guided tasting and there is even the chance of a tour through some olive trees so make sure that you choose your favorite from these wine tours in Puglia.

1. Wine Tourism - Primitivo di Manduria Wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tasting in Puglia

Wine Tourism Wine Tour in Puglia - 1280x720

Come and join this experience for a half day full of some of the best wines and extra virgin olive oil, all produced at same winery.

This visit will be in Manduria where you will start with a visit to an olive oil producer and discover all the secrets of the healthy symbol of the Mediterranean diet. At the end of this visit you will learn to recognize a good quality EVOO from a bad one, its use in the cuisine and even some traditional recipes.

Manduria is synonymous of wine and in particular its world-famous DOC “Primitivo di Manduria” and you will visit one of the most renowned wineries with its interesting Museum of the Primitivo Wine where it’s possible to understand the history of wine in Manduria, its tradition, and of course its identity.

2. Windering - Puglia at the table: Wine Tasting and dinner at Antica Masseria Jorche

Windering Wine Tour in Puglia - 1280x720 (2)

This is one of the wine tastings in Puglia that you should not miss so come and join it for an amazing day full of Puglian wines.

you will be welcomed with an aperitif that will consist of a glass of their Dipinta Negroamaro del Salento IGP accompanied by homemade friselline with fresh tomatoes and the estate’s own Extra Virgin Olive Oil. You will take part in a guided tour of the winery and its vineyards and you will even have the opportunity to taste some Primitivo wine tapped directly from the barrique.

At the end of everything you will enjoy a typical dinner based on products from the region at the Masseria’s restaurant.

3. Terra Chevive - Organic wine tasting in a farmhouse in Alberobello

Terra Chevive Wine Tour in Puglia - 1280x720

This wine tour should not be missed and any wine enthusiasts will surely have a fantastic day as you will taste exquisite wines at an organic winery.

This experience will include a guided tour of the vineyard, you will get the chance to visit the production area and learn about the wine production process, and of course you will also take part in an organic wines tasting.

You will walk away with a whole bunch of new knowledge about wine making and of course taste some amazing Puglia wines.

4. Apulia Slow Travel - Wine tasting in a trulli winery: Discover the wine tradition of the Valle d’Itria

Apulia Slow Travel Wine Tour in Puglia - 1280x720

A wine tour in Puglia Italy is one of the best ways to discover the wine region, the culture and the flavors of this wonderful region of Italy.

You will visit together with the group, one of the most picturesque vineyards where the indigenous white grapes of the area grow (Verdeca, Minutolo and Bianco d’Alessano). You will also visit the original trulli farm of the XVIII century and their innovative wine cellar.

At the end of everything, we will enjoy a delicious wine tasting which will give you a new love of the Puglia wine region and the local wineries that you can find in the area.

5. L'Essenza di Puglia: Boutique Farming - Wine tasting in Puglia Italy

L'Essenza Wine Tour in Puglia - 1280x720

This private wine tour will be the highlight of your trip to the Puglia wine region and a fantastic way to get to know the area during your trip.

You will take part in wine tastings and a walk in the olive grove and vineyard where you will learn about the techniques of organic cultivation and production of wines and oils. The tasting will take place between a centuries-old olive grove and vineyard, outdoors or, depending on the weather, in the tasting studio.

During your visit you will be experiencing a tasting journey, with a careful pairing of organic wines along with their extra virgin olive oils and it will certainly be a day to remember.

6. Winerist - Wine Tour In Itria Valley, Puglia

Winerist Wine Tour in Puglia - 1280x720

Come and join this wine tour to discover the incredible cities of Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Cisternino in Itria Valley with this exciting experience.

You will being visit the city of Locorotondo with its characteristic circular historic center and through the countryside of the Itria Valley you will move to Martina Franca, the baroque city, where you will visit the Doge’s Palace and the Church of St. Martino.

At the end of this wine tour, you will visit the historic center of Cisternino, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and end the tour with a wine tasting that you will remember for many years to come.

7. Masseria Altemura - Flavors of Puglia Wine Tasting

Masseria Altemura Wine Tour in Puglia - 1280x720

This is a wine tasting experience that is not to be missed and any wine experiences are sure to pale in comparison.

Every aspect of tradition is inextricably linked to this wonderful land has been encapsulated in small gastronomic masterpieces, typical tastings capable of inebriating your senses and providing enjoyable pairings with our wines which makes for an adventure for the palate that will feature authentic flavors and an unparalleled culture of wine.

The tastings for the day will range from a fresh glass of Zìnzula with tomato frisella to a pleasant Fiano with Apulian taralli, stracciatella and sweet salami, a gratifying Negramaro that will be combined with bruschetta and Martina Franca capocollo, which is a dry-cured pork cold cut, and mozzarella, an intense Aglianico with tasty meatballs and finally the iconic Primitivo di Manduria for you to enjoy with a selection of typical cheeses.

8. WePuglia - Wine Tasting in Monopoli: Puglia Tutto Tondo

WePuglia Wine Tour in Puglia - 1280x720

This will be a fantastic opportunity for someone to get a feel for the local culture and the wines of Puglia so be sure to join when you are in the area.

You will dedicate this day to a wine tasting in the center of Monopoli that will contain bubbles, whites, rosés, reds and is is certainly a tasting that needs no introduction. This will you a complete overview of the wine culture in Puglia and the tasting will end with the warm and sweet notes of one of their liqueur wines, an effective representation of what the territory and the people have to offer.

This tasting of 5 Apulian wines will be accompanied by a selection of local cold cuts, cheeses and pickles and to complete the tasting, you will enjoy Apulian sweet wine along with dessert.

9. I Pastini: Viticultori In Valle D'Itria - Visit of vineyards and wine tasting at the Winery

I Pastini Wine Tour in Puglia - 1280x720

Come and join this wine tasting for a journey into the heart of Valle d’Itria to discover their origins and traditions for yourself.

This visit is perfect for those who are approaching the world of I Pàstini winery and its wines for the first time. You will receive an introduction of I Pàstini family and their estate where you will learn the story of the estate as well as its philosophy and production techniques. You will also receive a tour of the estate and take part in a wine tasting of note.

This will be the perfect way to spend your day during your trip to Puglia so be sure that you don’t miss it and that you book your spot!

10. Windering - Tasting of 3 wines and Masseria & winery tour at Agricola Capone

Windering Wine Tour in Puglia - 1280x720

Come and join this wine tour to immerse yourself in the thousand-year history of the city of wheat and wine, Gravina in Puglia ” Grana dat et vina.”

You will learn all about three PGI Puglia wines from the city of wheat and wine. You will visit cellars and granaries in the basement, vineyards that are surrounded by dry stone walls, and even the fabulous Big Bench 126 located on the Dolcecanto Belvedere. You will be tasting three wines while visiting these cellars and granaries in the basement of the ancient city, cellars excavated with great skill in the tufa of Gravina.

During this whole experience you will visit many historically rich locations such as monuments, historic buildings, churches, and convents and you will even get the chance to cross the famous aqueduct bridge of the 1700s which was captured in the most evocative images of successful films such as No Time to Die starring James Bond (Daniel Craig).

These wine tastings in Puglia will surely be the highlight of your trip and you will be introduced to many different grape varieties and local delicacies that will pair wonderfully with the wines that you will introduced to during any of these wine tastings.

Be sure to also take a look at any of these wine tasting tours in Venice for even more wonderful wine tastings to take a part in and learn about the wine production of the area.

Disclaimer: Note that the food images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of the actual dishes or presentations you should expect during the classes. We strive to provide the best culinary experience, but the appearance of dishes may vary. Always refer to class descriptions and details for accurate information on what to expect.

Frequent Asked Questions

If you are looking for fruit-forward, ripe, red wine for a good price, then look no further than Puglia. Here you will find that some of the best values in Italian wine come from this sunny, dry region. Most Puglia wine is red, full-bodied and they will pair well with a wide variety of foods.

Verdeca Riccio and the Susumaniello Fico was awarded in 2022 with two golds at the Deutsche Wein Marketing international competitions in Berlin and Asia and once you taste this wine you will see why it was very well deserved.

The hot and dry climate of Puglia produces crisp dry white wine and they make for easy drinking blends. Verdeca is a white grape variety grown almost exclusively in Puglia but is slowly falling out of favor in the wine world. It is a very neutral flavored grape and historically it was most commonly used in vermouth production.

Some advance planning is definitely advisable when you go to tour the Puglia wine region on your own. If you’re planning on taking a self-guided wine country tour in Puglia, then you should consider the following tips: It’s always best to book reservations in advance.

Salice Salentino and Primitivo di Manduria are the two most popular DOC wines that get produced in the Puglia wine region. The climate can be characterized by dry heat and soils that are bursting with fertility. This creates wines of Puglia that impress everyone with their fruity maturity every time that they get sampled and enjoyed.

Puglia is renowned for its variety of cheeses, both fresh and seasoned. It is a fact that the burrata that gets produced here is in the top of the ranking for its buttery texture and its enveloping and soft flavor. Once you cut the middle of the burrata you can immediately see milk falling out and you will feel your gut craving for that every time.

Primitivo wines get produced from the Primitivo grape with smooth flavors of blackberry, dark chocolate and liquorice which make it a very interesting wine to enjoy. Depending on the region, Primitivo wines can be produced differently. In Salento, mainly residually sweet, in Manduria dry red wines are produced. Most often, however, Primitivo is found as a dry red wine with relatively high sugar and the full Vino Primitivo has a lot of alcohol with 13-15%.

Puglia is home to many unique architectural styles, which include the trulli houses, which are traditional stone houses with conical roofs found in the region of Alberobello. The entire Itria Valley is a gorgeous region that is filled with atmospheric towns for you to discover and stunning vistas everywhere you look.

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