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The Best Wine Tours in Tuscany for any vacation destination!

These Tuscany wine tours are the perfect way for you to explore the region and of course taste the amazing wine that gets produced here.

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Top 3 Wine Tasting Tours

Wine in glasses - 350×265 (5)

Grape Tours - Wine Time Wine Tour

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 5 hours
  • Max 8 ppl.
Top choice
Wine in glasses - 350×265

ioSonoEtrusca: Tours in Tuscany - Chianti Wine Tours

N/A One off
  • Hands-on
  • 9 hours
  • N/A
Wine in glasses - 350×265 (14)

Tuscany Tour Time by Angela - Tuscany wine tour from Florence

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 8 hours
  • Max 8 ppl.

Table of Contents

These Tuscany wine tours are the perfect way for you to explore the region and of course taste the amazing wine that gets produced here for yourself.

Every one of these wine tasting tours will be filled with delicious wine tastings and you will get the chance to explore wineries in the picturesque Tuscan countryside. You will also be introduced to the winemaking process that produces these exceptional wines and every one of these wine tasting experiences will certainly be the highlight of your trip.

Some of these private wine tastings will even include a tour of some olive groves and by extension, a tasting of some of the best extra virgin olive oil that can be paired with an authentic Tuscan lunch and of course exquisite wines from all over the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

Any wine enthusiasts will be very happy with every one of these wine tasting tours so be sure to take part in these wine tours for yourself and you will be very happy at the end of your wine tasting adventure every time.

1. Grape Tours - Wine Time Wine Tour

Grape Tours Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

This is one of those wine tours that you definitely should not miss so be sure to add it to your itinerary for a day that will be filled with delicious wine tasting and gorgeous views.

You will visit 2 family-owned wineries as well as 2 different cellars that will include a tasting of 3-4 wines at each winery. You will also take part in a tasting of great local extra virgin olive oil as part of this lovely day. At the second winery you will also enjoy a freshly made Tuscan lunch accompanied by wine.

This is the perfect small group tour for a chance to take part in fantastic wine tastings and taste the fruits of Tuscany.

2. ioSonoEtrusca: Tours in Tuscany - Chianti Wine Tours

ioSonoEtrusca Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

Come and join this wine tour for the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and deeply historic locations in the area, such as castles, abbeys, medieval villages, and fortresses.

You will get the chance to visit 2 wine cellars and you will even visit the Dario Cecchini in Panzano for lunch, the famous butcher “to beef, or not to beef” and if meat isn’t your thing, you will stop for lunch at one of the many nice restaurants that cover the area.

This is one of the best wine tours in Tuscany and will give you a fantastic experience that you will talk about for many more years.

3. Tuscany Tour Time by Angela - Tuscany wine tour from Florence: 4 Chianti wineries

Tuscany Tour Time by Angela Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

For any of these wine tours on offer, you will have a great time, but this wine tasting tour is definitely a cut above the rest!

You will enjoy a day filled with organic boutique chianti wineries and get to experience a variety of traditional organic Tuscan wines and delicious organic local food. You will taste 4 wines in each winery which will include white or rosé wine, Chianti, Chianti Riserva and at least one IGT, the so-called Super Tuscan wine.

This wine tasting tour will show you a good time the whole day so be sure to come and join it and you certainly won’t be disappointed!

4. Chianti Wine Tour - Wine Experience in Tuscany

Chianti Wine Tour Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

With many fantastic locations this wine tour is definitely one of the best so be sure to join this wine tour and you will definitely experience something amazing.

You will visit the heart of Tuscany in the west side of the Chianti region, an area rich with history and tradition that will impress you with its natural beauty along with exploring San Gimignano and even get the chance to taste the famous world champion Dondoli gelato.

You will enjoy fantastic wine the whole day through and of course stop at a local winery for lunch “Italian style” to end this day on a very delicious note.

5. Florence Wine Tour - Private Wine Tour in Tuscany

Florence Wine Tour Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

This private wine tour is the perfect addition to any vacation so come and join this experience to skip the lines and get straight to the fun.

You will enjoy a fun day in the Tuscan countryside drinking wine, and taking in the views while visiting the cellar of a local, family-run winery. You will be guided every step of the way by your expert guide to make sure that you are learning while making memories and having fun during your visit.

This experience will give you a chance to taste amazing wine while enjoying fantastic views and of course lovely company.

6. Tours of Tuscany - Brunello Di Montalcino Full-Day Tour: 2 Wineries

Tours of Tuscany Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

This is definitely the wine tour to join if you want to enjoy two distinct wineries of the Brunello region together with a small group of fellow wine lovers.

You will taste unique wines while local experts will help you to learn more about the process and history of winemaking in the region. You will also enjoy a light lunch of traditional Tuscan dishes and even get the chance to explore medieval fortresses and Romanesque churches, stroll through the shops of artisan crafts, or simply enjoy the breathtaking views of the beautiful Tuscan countryside.

You will fall in love with Brunello from the quality of the wine to the warmth of the people and the simplicity of the food so be sure not to miss it!

7. Tuscany Private Tour: Authentic Experience - Off-Road Wine Tour

Tuscany Private tour Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

This wine tasting tour will introduce you to amazing wine, the fantastic wineries that produce them and of course beautiful views of vineyards in Tuscany.

You will visit local wineries, from the most ancient ones to huge realities of the wine market, but also small family businesses where you will taste some of the most prestigious wines of Tuscany. You will learn all about the secrets of the production, from the vines to the glass. You will tour around the fields and cellars accompanied by a wine expert local guide and taste various wines and spirits.

You will taste typical products such as extra virgin olive oil and organic honey including a traditional Tuscan lunch hosted in the most authentic setup to complete this fantastic day.

8. Tuscany Vespa tours - Private wine and olive oil tasting tour

Tuscany Vespa Tours Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

This private Tuscany wine tour will certainly stand out from the rest as it includes a Vespa which will help you to make the most of your vacation with friends and family.

This is the perfect private wine tour as you have the power to dictate the pace of the day and decide where to stop, whether it be for a photo or a break to take in the scenery. You will of course taste wine and even extra virgin olive oil and you can even purchase some along the way!

This is the perfect day outing so be sure to bring along your friends and family for an amazing experience and of course delicious wine.

9. The Wine and Food Experience - Cortona Wine Tour: Wine under the Tuscan sun

The Wine and Food Experience Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

The Wine and Food Experience will take you on a fantastic journey that will be full of delicious wine tasting and by the end of it you will see why this is one of the best wine tours in Tuscany.

This experience will include a wine tasting in Cortona, an ancient hill town in Tuscany, full of charm and attractiveness, that inspired “Under the Tuscan Sun”. You will also learn about the many producers in Cortona, who often combine and use ancient practices with the most modern wine technologies and although there are many small winemakers, they offer high-quality products.

You will end your day with a Tuscan lunch which will include the pairing of Cortona wines with the local cuisine and will give you a continuous discovery of new taste sensations.

10. Fun in Tuscany - Chianti Wine Tour

Fun in Tuscany Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

If you are looking for some “Fun in Tuscany” then be sure to come and join this wine tour for a fun-filled day and of course, a whole bunch of wine!

You will tour the vineyards and wine cellar of an organic farm in the heart of the Chianti wine region, as well as receive an up and close look at the production and ageing process of the Chianti wines as well as learn about the secrets of the extra virgin olive oil making. You will also tour the beautiful medieval town of San Gimignano, and have the chance to taste the world champion gelato at gelateria Dondoli.

You will of course also enjoy a true Tuscan lunch and make a stop at Piazzale Michelangelo, which has been nominated as one of the top 10 most romantic spots in Europe.

11. MoroTuscany Travels and Tours - Chianti Wine Tour and Siena Medieval Cave

MoroTuscany Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

This is the one of the best wine tours for all wine lovers in Tuscany so be sure not to miss it for anything and to bring along some friends to share in the experience!

You will take part in a fascinating tour of an organic, family-run winery, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of Chianti Classico. You will also take part in a tasting paired with fresh cheeses and salami as well as virgin olive oil, which are all made from fresh regional products. The next stop will be at Monteriggioni where you will get the chance to discover the history of this absolutely magnificent Fortress from the 13th century.

You will end this experience with a stop in Siena at a Medieval cave that dates back to the Etruscan period, 600 BC and be a part of a one of a kind experience tasting the best wines from Sienna’s region which will also include a selection of high quality Pecorino cheese.

12. Italy on a budget - The Grape Escape Winery Tour

Italy on a budget Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

This day trip will be filled to the brim with different types of wine as well as balsamic vinegar and even Truggle olive oil so be sure to join and you won’t be disappointed.

You will get the chance to visit 2 wineries, be introduced to 8 different types of wine to taste, 3 extra virgin olive oil types, balsamic vinegar, Tuscan snacks for you to snack on, and of course amazing scenery to behold and even the chance visit the lovely San Gimignano all within this 1 day!

This is a wonderful way to meet other travelers of the same age and to get the chance to discover why this area is so famous for its scenery and of course its wine!

13. Tuscan Organic Tours - Super Tuscan Wine Tour

Tuscan Organic Tours Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

Come and join this wine tour for an in-depth look into how Tuscan wine production began and the history surrounding it, along with some wine of course!

You will take part in a guided tour of an organic winery, with a stroll through their vineyards and cellars along with a tasting of Super Tuscan wines and extra virgin olive oil, a guided tour of a charming medieval hilltop village in the Chianti area and you can also visit a third Chianti winery but on prior request only.

You will end this tour with a homemade lunch and tasting of Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva and Super Tuscan wines along with extra virgin olive oil at a local organic Chianti winery.

14. Windering - Two wine tastings and visit to a historic cellar inside old walls of Montalcino

Windering Wine Tour in Tuscany - 1280x720

Wine tasting and beautiful views, what could be better, so coma and join this wine tour experience for an absolutely wonderful time,

You will start with a guided tasting of the famous Brunello di Montalcino and you will also be welcomed in a historic wine bar in the very heart of Montalcino’s old center to get the chance to explore one of the most famous wines in the world! You will enjoy one glass of Brunello di Montalcino wine, additionally, you will have at your disposal a wine card with a value of €5 per person, so you could extend your tasting experience even further!

After this first stop, you will proceed with a guided visit to a historic cellar that is located inside the ancient walls of Montalcino. You will dive into history and winemaking by learning something new from a family that produces wine for more than 20 generations and even enjoy a second Montalcino wine tasting with a breathtaking view over the whole Val d’Orcia.

How do I choose a wine tasting/wine tour that is a good fit for me?

To start off with, you should choose the wine areas you want to visit based on where you would like to take your vacation, and of course somewhere that you will be able to do a variety of activities. You should also choose the best season depending on the region and book your wine tours in advance to ensure that you have your preferred date and time locked in.

Plan which wineries you would like to visit ahead of time based on which wines you would like to taste and which areas you would like to see. You should also take care not to visit no more than 2 or 3 wineries a day as it can get quite tiring and you will feel rushed which will prevent you from enjoying your experience.

Remember too make the most of your visit and keep in mind that you don’t need to be a pro to go for wine tastings and that you should always do your best to enjoy the experience in the moment.

It is also a good idea to check on the reviews of the wine tours that you are considering as you will find out about any common occurrences and problems that may arise so that you can either reconsider and choose a better one or so that you can prepare for anything that might happen during your experience.

Tuscany Vineyard - 1280x720

These wine tours will show you breathtaking landscapes and historic cellars along with the traditional winemaking processes that make Tuscany one of the most famous wine regions in the world.

Be sure to also take a look at these wine tours in Taormina, Cinque Terre, Piedmont, and Rome for some inspiration for the next part of your trip.

Disclaimer: Note that the food images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of the actual dishes or presentations you should expect during the classes. We strive to provide the best culinary experience, but the appearance of dishes may vary. Always refer to class descriptions and details for accurate information on what to expect.

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes. There is a wide variety of different wine tours that you can take by yourself or simply just join a group by yourself so don’t worry, and be sure to book your solo winery visit for your next trip to Tuscany!

Appointments are requested and required at some wineries in Tuscany. Wineries in Tuscany sometimes aren’t open to the public but there are exceptions, especially some tasting rooms in towns like Montepulciano, where you can walk in and do a tasting. A reservation is required for vineyard tours and most are included with the tasting.

The famous Chianti wine region in Tuscany is between Florence, Arezzo, and Siena. The distance from Florence to Chianti is 30 kilometers (20 miles) and this takes you to the wine town of Greve, which is often considered the gateway to Chianti.

If you’re looking for a milder, yet enjoyable, temperature throughout your day, then the spring and fall seasons are your best options. Temperatures tend to calm down a bit when compared to the summer and there is more going on than during the winter. Springtime is when the crowds start to come back and things begin to get a little more lively so this a very popular tourist time.

Tuscany is definitely one of the most famous and prolific wine regions anywhere in Europe and it is best known for its Sangiovese-based dry red wines which include Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

April to June offers the best weather when you are visiting Italy. Often considered the best time to visit, spring offers the ideal mix of good climate and bearable tourism flows and nature blooms as the snow melts in the mountains and the rolling hills of the central Italian countryside come to life after the chilly winter ready to welcome those who find comfort in its beauty.

Comfortable clothes are a must when you are visiting a winery along with comfortable walking shoes, you should also try to avoid white or thin clothes. The dress code is also usually a bit more dressy than usual and not completely comfortable.

You should also be sure to bring a hat and sunscreen along with you and a small bag as a bigger one will get in the way of your activities for the day especially if you are doing a cellar tour or touring the entirety of the wine estate during your experience.

When taking part in a wine tasting during many of the wine tours on this lovely list, generally you’ll see wine in stainless steel vats and oak barrels that are in different stages of the aging process. You will then enter a tasting room where you will get the chance to sample anything from four to six different types of wine, or more. After the wine tasting, you’ll generally have time to visit the winery’s gift shop to make a purchase, take a tour of the vineyards, and many other wine related activities.

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