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Embark on a flavorful journey with Italy Cooking Schools, the ultimate destination for authentic Italian culinary experiences.

Why Italy Cooking Schools?

Italy Cooking Schools is your gateway to the rich and diverse world of Italian cuisine. Our platform is a hub for culinary professionals, home cooks, and food enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in Italian gastronomy. With a myriad of classes highlighting regional Italian cuisines and traditional cooking techniques, we connect with a vast and diverse audience, igniting their passion for Italian food culture.

Brand And Business Collaboration Types

Affiliate Partnerships

Partner with Italy Cooking Schools to broaden your reach! We highlight your offerings, driving Italian food enthusiasts your way. This win-win partnership enriches our audience's experience and enhances your visibility. Together, let's inspire love for Italian cuisine.

Articles/PR/Class Review

Share your story through Italy Cooking Schools! We offer a platform for articles, PR pieces, and class reviews that highlight your culinary offerings. Whether it's an in-depth article about your unique cooking methods, a PR piece on your latest culinary endeavors, or a review of one of your classes, we provide the stage. Together, let's showcase the rich tapestry of Italian cuisine to our dedicated audience of food lovers and budding chefs.

Benefits of Partnering with Us

By partnering with Italy Cooking Schools, you get:

  • Access to a dedicated, global audience of Italian food enthusiasts.
  • The chance to align your brand with a leading platform for Italian cooking classes.
  • Opportunities to create unique, engaging content around Italian cuisine.


Reach out to us now to discuss the many ways we can create a successful partnership.

Readers Testimonials

“ICS made it easy to find a variety of Italian cooking classes that fit my schedule and budget. I discovered cooking classes that I never would have found on my own, which allowed me to try out new cuisines and meet new people. I highly recommend this website to anyone looking for cooking classes!”
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Josh Martinez
“The recipes we learned were authentic and delicious, and the instructor made sure we all understood the techniques and ingredients. The classes were well-organized and the equipment and ingredients provided were top-notch. I left each class feeling inspired and excited to try the recipes at home.”
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Hannah Reed
“I had an amazing time at the pasta making class! The atmosphere was so friendly and welcoming, and the chef was patient and encouraging. I loved learning about Italian cuisine and the different regions and flavours. I was amazed at how much I learned in just one session. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Italian cooking!.”
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Kayla Huggs