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Best 6 Italian Cooking classes in Brisbane

These Italian cooking classes in Brisbane will teach you all that you need to know about the fundamentals of Italian cuisine.

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Top 3 Italian Cooking Classes in Brisbane

Coloured orecchiette pasta - 799x610

The Golden Pig Restaurant and Cooking School - Pasta Making Class

$ 190
One off
  • Hands-on
  • 4 hours
  • Max 17 ppl.
Top choice
Oven Pan pizza - 799x610

Graziani Pizza Academy - Private Classes: Homemade Pan Pizza

$ 299
  • Hands-on
  • 3 hours
  • N/A
Fresh made tortellini - 799x610

Lumiere: Flavors of Italy: Fresh Pasta Making and Tortellini Cooking Classes

$ 160
One off
  • Hands-on
  • 3 hours
  • Max 12 ppl.

Table of Contents

Italian food always tastes best when it is made from heart with love, but before you can do that you will need to learn how to properly prepare the dishes.

These Italian cooking classes in Brisbane will teach you all that you need to know about the fundamentals of Italian cuisine. You will learn all the skills and techniques that you will need to be able to cook authentic Italian cuisine for your family and friends whenever you want in your own home.

These are some of the best cooking classes and each one will give you a chance to experience Italy through its food and the wonderful Italian culture.

1. The Golden Pig: Authentic Italian Pasta Class

Golden Pig's Class booking page - 1280x720

Come and join this Tuscan chef at one of the best cooking schools and restaurants as he takes you on a journey of Italian food and Italian culture.

You learn how to make traditional Italian dishes such as orecchiette that will get paired with a seafood sauce, artichoke-filled agnolotti pasta with smoked scamorza and nduja oil, multicolored ‘caramelle’ pasta filled with mushrooms on gorgonzola sauce and pistachio crumbs and of course tagliatelle alla bolognese!

This Italian cooking class finishes with a lovely shared meal and some accompanying drinks, and of course, amazing company, no matter what your skill level is.

2. Graziani Pizza Academy - Private Classes: Homemade Pan Pizza

Graziani Homamade pan pizza class students - 1280x720

Making pizza at home is not as difficult as you might think and after attending one of these Italian cooking classes, you will have all the necessary skills that you need to be able to have pizza whenever you want!

You will learn basic pizza theory, how to make your own pizza dough, how to form it, stretch it and of course how to garnish your pizza. After you have garnished your pizza, you will be taught how to use a domestic oven to bake the most delicious pizza at home.

After one of these cooking classes you will be able to easily make pizza in your own kitchen and have a lot of fun in the process.

3. Lumiere: Events and Culinary Studio - Flavors of Italy: Fresh Pasta Making and Tortellini Cooking Classes

Flavours of Italy fresh pasta and ravioli class by Lumiere - 1280x720

Come and join one of these Italian cooking classes as you learn how to make incredible dishes such as pasta dough that you turn into tortellini, and delicious desserts using different types of alcohol.

You will also learn the method to produce Limoncello as well as a simple method to make your own pickles out of different types of vegetables. You will also learn how to make a sabayon that is suitable for a variety of different dishes such as zabaglione, hollandaise, bearnaise, and Montrachet’s lamb sabayon.

You will enjoy a lovely lunch afterward in the company of your fellow classmates and discuss all the tricks of the trade that you have learned during your class.

4. Wholesome Bellies - Authentic Sicilian Class

Wholesome Bellies' Cooking classes page - 1280x720

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or just someone that loves Italian food, this class has something for everyone and the food is fantastic!

You will learn recipes from the host’s mother and grandmother with a vegan twist. You will learn how to cook dishes such as rosemary and garlic focaccia, caponata, vegan calamari with garlic aioli, rigatoni alla norma, lemon granita, and much more.

This is the perfect Italian cooking class for anyone looking to add some more plant-based dishes into their diets or someone with certain dietary requirements that would like to explore and taste new and other food than what they usually make, and of course have some fun!

5. In My Own Kitchen - Pasta and Gnocchi Beginner Italian cooking classes

Beginner cooking classes by In my own kitchen - 1280x720

One of these Italian cooking classes will take you on culinary adventures filled with rustic Italian dishes and fresh ingredients.

You will learn how to make your own pasta dough from scratch and turn it into things such as fettuccine or pappardelle, you will also learn how to prepare soft, pillowy potato gnocchi and of course the sauces to pair with everything that you have created.

This is the perfect class to learn the fundamentals of Italian cooking and for creating a delicious meal in your own home anytime that you want!

6. Vanilla Zulu - Express Pizza Making Masterclass

Vanilla Zulu Pizza class - 1280x720

Unleash your inner pizzaiolo with the Express Pizza Making Masterclass at Vanilla Zulu. This engaging class is perfect for anyone eager to master the art of pizza from scratch.

Learn to create the perfect dough, select the freshest toppings, and achieve that crispy, delicious crust in a fun, interactive environment.

Ideal for both beginners and those looking to refine their skills, this masterclass ensures you’ll leave with the knowledge and confidence to impress your friends and family.

Brisbane is an absolutely beautiful place and the cooking classes are some of the best in the world but fear not, there are many more classes for you to explore.

Be sure to take a look at the best italian cooking classes in Perth for some inspiration for your next culinary adventure!

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