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The Best Cooking Classes in Southern Italy for aspiring cooks!

Come and join these cooking classes in Southern Italy to see a new side to Italian cuisine filled with traditions and family recipes.

Table of Contents

Top 3 Italian Cooking Classes

Gnocchi - 350×265

Cesarine - Campania Cooking Class

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 3 hours
  • Max 4 ppl.
Top choice
Fresh Pasta - 350×265

Sardinia Slow Experience - Traditional Pasta Making Experience

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 4-5 hours
  • Max 8 ppl.
Pasta dish with bacon - 350×265

The Sicilian Pantry - Italian cooking class and market tour

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 4-5 hours
  • N/A

Table of Contents

Authentic cooking is something that Italian food is known for so come and join these cooking classes in Southern Italy and you will see a new side to Italian cuisine that is filled with age old cooking techniques and traditions, olive oil, seasonal ingredients and family recipes.

You will learn all about fresh pasta making, how to make the most delicious pizza, and maybe even take part in a local market tour to teach you just how amazing fresh ingredients are. You will surely need a whole week to get through every one of these classes but it will definitely be worth it in the end!

Any home cooks will be very pleased with these classes so don’t miss them and book any one of them for your next trip to Southern Italy!

1. Cesarine - Campania Cooking Class

Cesarine Italian Cooking Class in Southern Italy - 1280x720

Come and join one of these Italian cooking classes led by a Cesarine in Positano and you will learn how to cook delicious food and even take part in dessert making.

During this cooking class you will learn how to make many wonderful dishes such as a delicious Eggplant Crocchette, a Sorrento-style gnocchi that will make you fall in love with this meal, and a Caprese cake to round off this cooking class on a sweet note.

This is the perfect cooking class to take if you are travelling or just passing through town so be sure to bring your travel buddy along and add another wonderful experience to your trip.

2. Sardinia Slow Experience - Traditional Pasta Making Experience

Sardinia Slow Experience Italian Cooking Class in Southern Italy - 1280x720

Let’s be honest, everyone goes to Italy for the pasta so why not come and join this cooking class and see what all the hype is about?

You will be taken through all the necessary steps for making fresh pasta and then of course get your hands dirty and make some for yourself. You will mix your fresh dough ingredients together, knead it until the dough is silky smooth and then create a beautiful dish with your fresh pasta as the main element.

This cooking class will give you a new outlook on making your own pasta and before long you will be having fresh pasta dishes every week with your friends and family.

3. The Sicilian Pantry - Italian cooking class and market tour

The Sicilian Pantry Italian Cooking Class in Southern Italy - 1280x720

A market tour is an absolute fantastic addition to any cooking class so don’t waste time and come and join this cooking class and of course the market tour!

You will start your day with picking out your ingredients and then make your way to the kitchen where you will create delicious dishes to complete a full Sicilian meal which you will of course enjoy once class has ended along with Sicilian wines, coffee and homemade liqueurs to complete your meal.

This cooking class is the perfect way to spend the day with friends so bring them along and you will all learn something new while enjoying delicious food that will become regulars on your dinner table.

4. Amalfi Heaven Gardens - Cooking class on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Heaven Gardens Italian Cooking Class in Southern Italy - 1280x720

The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful area and if you are looking for a cooking class with a view then be sure to make an appearance here and you won’t regret it!

This cooking class will teach you how to make delicious food that looks great as well. Some of these dishes can include fried ricotta and anchovies-filed zucchini flowers, caciocavallo and prosciutto-filled eggplant rolls, homemade Sorrento style gnocchi, fresh pasta that you will use to make tagliatelle with a Bolognese sauce and maybe even chocolate eggplant!

You are sure to learn many interesting recipes and dishes during this cooking class so be sure to pay attention and you will be surprised what you are capable of in the kitchen.

5. tabl. - Private Cooking class with a Sicilian Chef

tabl. Italian Cooking Class in Southern Italy - 1280x720

This cooking class will take you on a trip of the senses so make sure to book your spot and come and take part in this flavor adventure!

You will learn all about how to cook delicious food and by the end of this cooking class you have a newfound confidence in the kitchen and you are sure to create many delicious dishes in the future. You will cook a 4 course meal from scratch and of course enjoy it after class is over with some delicious wine.

This class is the perfect activity for couples or families so be sure to bring everyone along for the fun that you will certainly have!

6. Baglio Occhipinti - Cooking classes on Sicilian traditional recipes

Baglio Occhipinti Italian Cooking Class in Southern Italy - 1280x720

Traditional recipes are often some of the best to enjoy and they always taste amazing so why not come and join this Italian cooking class in Southern Italy and learn about these recipes for yourself?

Each one of these cooking courses will show you how traditional Italian cuisine is meant to be prepared so you will always learn something valuable during these hands-on classes. This cooking class in particular will teach you about fresh pasta and the wonder that it is to eat and prepare by yourself.

Be sure not to miss this class as you will learn valuable tips and tricks and the recipes are sure to blow you away and stay in your heart forever.

7. Cooking Vacation - Sicilian Cooking Class and Market Tour

Cooking Vacations Italian Cooking Class in Southern Italy - 1280x720

What could be better than a cooking class with a local chef as you learn how to make delicious food and enjoy the lovely scenery?

This is definitely the class to book if you would like to feel like a professional chef in your own kitchen. You will learn many amazing techniques and new dishes that are full of flavor and will certainly make everyone feel full of joy every time that they taste them.

A class like this is best enjoyed with friends so don’t forget to bring them along and it will surely be a trip that will be remembered for many years.

These cooking classes in Southern Italy will help you to not only unlock your full cooking potential, but they will help you to bring a piece of Italy to your own home. You will learn amazing traditional recipes and your family will certainly not complain.

Be sure to also take a look at these cooking classes in Northern Italy if you are looking to fill your itinerary for the next leg of your trip and you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Disclaimer: Note that the food images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of the actual dishes or presentations you should expect during the classes. We strive to provide the best culinary experience, but the appearance of dishes may vary. Always refer to class descriptions and details for accurate information on what to expect.

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, Italy has some of the best cooking schools in the world and each cooking school will teach you about what it means to be a chef. Be sure to take a look at our article on the best cooking schools in Italy if you get the urge to enter the wonderful world of food and wine for yourself.

It completely depends on your taste but Northern Italy is generally considered to be more prosperous and developed than the South. Both regions offer their own charms and attractions for visitors.

The North of Italy is home to vibrant cities like Milan, Florence and Venice, as well as beautiful lakes, mountains, and wine regions. If you love adventuring and hiking mountainous regions and incredible inland scenery, then Northern Italy is the place for you.

The South, on the other hand, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and coastlines in the world so if you prefer soaking up the sun on the coastal beaches, then make sure that you head South.

Overall, Northern Italy is considered to be more expensive than Southern Italy, especially when you look at cities such as Milan and Venice. However, the prices of both areas can vary depending on the season and the specific location that you are residing in.

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