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The Best Pasta Making Courses in Manchester for all pasta lovers!

Come and join one of these fresh pasta-making classes in Manchester and learn just how easy but delicious a freshly made pasta dish can be.

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Top 3 Pasta Making Classes

Pasta machine with pasta - 350×265

Food Sorcery Didsbury - Pasta Making Class

£ 95
One off
  • Hands-on
  • 3 hours
  • N/A
Top choice
Fresh Tagliatelle - 350×265

Food Sorcery Deansgate - Cooking Together: Italian Dinner

£ 160
One off
  • Hands-on
  • 3-4 hours
  • N/A
Handmade Pappardelle - 350×265

Salvi's in Manchester - Pasta Masterclass

£ 65
One off
  • Hands-on
  • Varies
  • N/A

Table of Contents

A freshly made pasta dish is something that is always enjoyed no matter who you are, from stuffed homemade pasta to hand cut tagliatelle in a spicy tomato sauce, so come and join one of these fresh pasta-making classes in Manchester and learn for yourself just how easy but delicious a freshly made pasta dish can be.

You will of course be taught how to make a fresh pasta dough the right way from scratch, from the mixing of the dough, the correct way of kneading pasta dough, and how to create all the pasta shapes that you can think of. You will use all the ingredients provided to create amazing dishes from scratch and you will of course enjoy everything after you have made it.

Do not miss out on these classes and your future is sure to be filled with even more delicious dishes than it already is!

1. Food Sorcery Didsbury: Cookery School and Event Space - Pasta Making Class

Food Sorcery Didsbury Pasta making class in Manchester - 1280x720

These cooking classes at Food Sorcery in Didsbury are without a doubt the best in Manchester so come and join this pasta-making class and see exactly why that is.

You will make your pasta dough from scratch and then go on to create pasta shape after pasta shape in a fun and lively atmosphere. This pasta class is one of the best places to pick up new skills or to improve your current skill level as you learn about all things pasta and how to use your fresh pasta to its fullest potential.

So come and join this class along with a group of friends and you will be very glad that you did every time that you taste your freshly made pasta dish.

2. Food Sorcery Deansgate: Cookery School and Event Space - Cooking Together: Italian Dinner

Food Sorcery Deansgate Pasta making class in Manchester - 1280x720

If the first cooking class at Food Sorcery wasn’t enough then come and join another one and experience all the fun all over again.

This cooking class will take you through making an entire Italian menu containing amazing fresh pasta. You will make delicious Spinach and Ricotta Tortellini with a puree and a herb pesto along with a seabass main course and a luscious dessert from scratch and what could be better?

This cooking class will show you the delicious side to Italian cooking that you will surely treasure and you will learn a life skill that will serve you well for many years to come.

3. Salvi's in Manchester - Pasta Masterclass

Salvi's Pasta making class in Manchester - 1280x720

Come and join a cooking class that will make you feel like part of the family as you use natural ingredients to create delicious pasta dishes from scratch.

You will will use old family recipes to create fantastic dishes and by the end of this pasta-making class you will feel like part of the family and of course like a pasta-making master. This cooking class will surely teach you all that you need to know so make sure that you don’t miss it!

This is the perfect cooking class to take along with a partner as you guys will learn some amazing skills and date night is sure to be much more fun after these classes and with some healthy competition mixed in of course!

4. Cracking Good Food - Sustainable pasta cooking classes

Cracking good food Pasta making class in Manchester - 1280x720

For a cracking good cooking class come and join the chefs at Cracking Good Food for delicious pasta dishes and a fun atmosphere the whole way through!

You will learn all the necessary steps and skills that you need to know to make the most delicious fresh pasta from scratch. You will mix your dough, knead it until it is perfectly smooth, and then of course create fantastic dishes with your pasta.

This is the perfect pasta-making class to take along with friends and family so be sure to bring them along and everyone is sure to have a fantastic time!

5. The Pasta Factory - Pasta Making Masterclasses

The pasta factory Pasta making class in Manchester - 1280x720

The Pasta Factory is definitely the place to go to learn how to make all the pasta that you could think of so be sure to come join this cooking class and you won’t be sorry!

Every cooking class at the Pasta Factory will teach you about fresh pasta from start to finish. You will mix your dough, knead it to perfection, and cut your noodles or form your pasta shapes but either way it will look amazing and taste delicious.

You feel like a pasta machine after this cooking class is done and fresh pasta is sure to become a regular delight in your household.

These fresh pasta-making classes will mesmerize you and turn you into a true lover of a freshly made pasta dish but ensure that you also take a look at these pizza-making classes in Manchester for even more delicious dishes and amazing wines and techniques!

You will of course make your pizza dough from scratch and bake it in a variety of ovens to ensure that you are able to cook a delicious pizza anytime and anywhere so don’t miss out and book one, or all, of these pizza classes today!

Disclaimer: Note that the food images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of the actual dishes or presentations you should expect during the classes. We strive to provide the best culinary experience, but the appearance of dishes may vary. Always refer to class descriptions and details for accurate information on what to expect.

Frequent Asked Questions

Spicy tomato sauce originated from the Lazio region, and particularly from the city of Rome, and till today it is very popular and very much loved.

No, Manchester is not a part of London. They are 190 miles apart.

Manchester was right at the heart of the revolution and became the UK’s leading producer of cotton and textiles. Manchester is also famous for becoming the first industrialized city in the world. Manchester was also responsible for the country’s first ever working canal in 1761 and the world’s first ever railway line that was constructed in 1830.

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