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6 Best Italian Cooking Classes in Boston

You will learn how to cook amazing Italian dishes during each of these Italian cooking classes in Boston and meet new people in the process.

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Top 3 Italian Cooking Classes in Boston

Pasta with parmesan - 350×265

Selfup - Italian Dinner with Tiramisu Finale

$ 120
One off
  • Hands-on
  • 3 hour
  • Max 34 ppl.
Top choice
Pasta with butternut - 350×265

Massimino's Cucina Italiana

$ 100
One off
  • Hands-on
  • N/A
  • N/A
Italian dishes - 350×265

Ristorante Lucia - Pasta Making Class

$ 70
One off
  • Hands-on
  • N/A
  • Max 22 ppl.

Table of Contents

If you ever find yourself in Boston and looking for something fun to do, be sure to take a look at any of these Italian cooking classes in Boston. You will learn how to cook amazing Italian food during each class and meet new people in the process.

Each Boston cooking class will take you on a journey as you learn how to cook Italian cuisine from scratch such as fresh pasta dough, handmade pizza and even tiramisu from scratch! These dishes will become staples in your home and you will be able to incorporate any of the skills in all aspects of your cooking.

You will get a chance to learn how to cook many popular dishes during any of these Italian cooking classes in Boston and each one of these classes will be a unique experience and something that you won’t soon forget.

1. Selfup: Italian Dinner with Tiramisu Finale in Boston

Self Up - Italian dinner with Tiramisu Finale in Boston - 1280x720

A homemade meal is always a delight, but an Italian dinner crafted by your own hands is truly exceptional. Dive into the essence of Italian cooking with this class in downtown Boston, where Chef John Peredina will lead you through the creation of classic dishes, from fresh fettuccine to the perfect tiramisu.

This experience is more than just a cooking class; it’s a journey through Italian culinary traditions, offering you the skills to bring these flavors to your own kitchen. Whether you’re looking to impress with hand-stretched mozzarella, master the art of ravioli, or end your meal with a luscious tiramisu, this class has it all.

Join Selfup for an unforgettable evening of cooking, learning, and dining, where you’ll not only enhance your culinary skills but also enjoy the company of fellow food enthusiasts. Perfect for individuals and couples alike, this class promises a taste of Italy you can recreate at home.

2. Massimino's Cucina Italiana - Italian cooking classes in Boston

Massiminos Italian Cooking Class - 1280x720

Come and join one of these cooking classes in Boston and learn some amazing new skills as well as the dishes that go along with them.

You will receive hands-on experience during these classes as you work alongside the chef to create delicious Italian food. You will be able to choose your own menu for the class as well as the date and time that works for you.

This is the perfect class to take if you want a tailor-made experience for you and your friends and family. They also offer virtual classes on a variety of topics so be sure to take a look at those as well.

3. Ristorante Lucia - Pasta Making Class

Ristorante Lucia Pasta Cooking Class - 1280x720

One of these Italian cooking classes is sure to be an experience like no other as you learn regional recipes and create delicious Italian food from scratch. You will feel like you were transported straight to Italy as the chefs take you through how to prepare pasta and many other Italian dishes.

You will learn how to make delicious fresh pasta and pair that with a sauce that you will make from scratch, learn the secrets to making the perfect pie, and the perfect pairings for your dishes. You will also receive the recipes, a notebook, and an apron.

Everyone will enjoy the dishes after class during a family-style feast and these will surely become a staple in your house, your family will certainly not complain.

4. Mamma Licia - Authentic Italian Cooking Class

Mamma Licia Authentic Italian Cooking class - 1280x720

Join Mamma Licia in Salem, for an immersive Italian cooking experience.

Licia, a native Italian, guides you through creating authentic Italian dishes using natural, locally-sourced ingredients. Embrace the simplicity and health benefits of the Mediterranean diet while learning to cook wholesome, fresh meals faster than ordering take-out.

Mamma Licia’s classes are not just about cooking; they’re a celebration of Italian culinary culture and a journey into the heart of Italy’s culinary traditions.

5. Eataly - Back to Basics Italian Cooking Class: Pasta alla Putanesca

Eataly - Pasta alla Putanesca Class - 1280x720

This Italian cooking class is the perfect place to learn about the wonders of Italian cooking so come and join the chefs at Eataly to learn how to make an amazing dish.

You will learn about the cultural origin of Pasta alla Putanesca from the south of Italy and then get the chance to prepare your own pasta dish along with the guidance of the chef during this cooking class. You will discover the different ingredients and learn all the techniques that are used in the preparation of this dish that make it so special.

You will enjoy your meal after class along with a glass of wine and this Italian meal will be the highlight of the day whenever you prepare it for your friends or family.

6. Action Kitchen - Italian Cooking Class

Action Kitchen Italian Cooking Class - 1280x720

If you have ever wanted to feel like a professional chef and cook in a state-of-the-art kitchen with top-notch equipment, then this cooking class is definitely for you.

You will cook along with a world-class chef and recreate a custom Italian menu using only the freshest regional ingredients. You will enjoy some lively conversation all throughout the class and get the chance to enjoy every one of the dishes that you have prepared after class alongside your classmates and some wine, of course.

This is the perfect place for a group family event or for an outing with friends as this is a one-of-a-kind experience and is great for cooking with experienced chefs and learning amazing skills.

These Italian cooking classes in Boston will teach you amazing new skills and you will definitely be learning a lot of new recipes but don’t forget to take a look at these Italian cooking classes in San Diego if you would like to learn even more about Italian food with experienced chefs.

These cooking classes will be perfect for any sort of team-building activities and the private classes will be an excellent opportunity to learn skills one-on-one with a chef.

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