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The 13 Best Italian Cooking classes in Italy You Won’t Regret Doing

You will want to join one of these Italian cooking classes in Italy and learn how to make delicious Italian dishes with fresh ingredients.

Table of Contents

Top 3 Italian cooking Classes in Italy

Napolitan pizza margherita

Mama Florence - Pizza and Gelato Cooking Classes in Italy

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 4 hours
  • Max 21 ppl.
Top choice
Chicken cacciatore in hot pan

InRome - Cook an Italian Sunday Lunch with Farmers' Market Shopping

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 4.5 hours
  • Max 12 ppl.
Eggplant parmigiana and fresh basil

Quanto Basta Cooking School - Pasta and Eggplant Parmigiana Cooking Class

One off
  • Hands-on
  • 2.5 hours
  • Max 10 ppl.

Table of Contents

What could be better than tasting fresh, authentic Italian cuisine in Italy? The most popular answer is “nothing” and if you agree, you will want to join one of these Italian cooking classes in Italy and learn how to make delicious sauces, homemade pasta dishes and pizza with amazingly fresh ingredients.

Italian food comes from the heart and feeds the soul while using traditional methods and all the secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation.

We have collected some of the best cooking classes in Italy if you want to learn how to cook Italian food hands on. You will learn how to make dishes such as ravioli with a fresh tomato sauce, a variety of fish dishes and even gelato!

These Italian cooking classes in Italy will show just how deep traditions can run within a style of cuisine and you are sure to walk away with a new appreciation for Italian cuisine and how far its come while at the same time learning amazing new cooking skills.

1. Mama Florence - Pizza and Gelato Cooking Classes in Italy

Mama Florence- Pizza and Gelato course - 1280x720

This Italian cooking class revolves around a popular combination, pizza and ice-cream, and you will discover just how easy it can be to create this duo in your own home.

You will be making pizza dough from scratch, learn the difference between the various styles of pizza throughout Italy and even discuss the original Napolitana from Naples, where the pizza was invented. You will roll out the dough and create different varieties with delicious toppings using fresh ingredients, after which the chef will teach you how to use an electric oven for baking your pizza to ensure that you can recreate them at home anytime.

This cooking class will also teach you how to make the most decadent gelato and you will realise that it is not as difficult as it may seem. You will learn how to create an amazing base using fresh ingredients and adding milk, cream, eggs and sugar to ultimately have a delicious final product.

2. InRome Cooking Classes in Italy - Cook an Italian Sunday Lunch with Farmers' Market Shopping

InRome Cooking Classes - Cook an Italian Sunday lunch and farmer market shopping - 1280x720

These Sunday cooking classes in Italy will show you the importance of fresh ingredients and how fun it is to create a meal with your family.

You will start your journey at the farmers market and buy the ingredients that you will be using for the day. You will experience other families doing the same and realise how food has been bringing together families for generations, and continues to do so.

With all your delicious ingredients secured, you will head to the class and start learning how to make lasagna from scratch. From the fresh pasta to the tomato sauce and the bolognese sauce, this cooking class will teach how to not only balance flavours, but how to perfectly layer your lasagna with just the right amount of meat, sauce and cheese in between each layer.

The cooking class menu also includes either hunters’ style chicken paired with some wonderful local vegetables and olives with rosemary or a roast suckling lamb as well as a classic Italian dessert such as Panna Cotta and some fresh fruit.

3. Quanto Basta Cooking School - Vegetarian menu: Pasta and Eggplant Parmigiana Cooking Class

Quanto basta cooking classes booking system - 1280x720

This hands-on Italian cooking class lead by Chef Antonino will walk you through preparing some of the most popular Italian dishes and teach you all the secrets to make them perfect.

You will start the cooking class with some snacks and afterwards you will have the chance to prepare any fresh pasta of your choice. The next step will be to learn how to make a delicious eggplant parmigiana and cook it in the oven.

This cooking class will end with a traditional tiramisu paired with either fresh fruit or espresso.

Past students that have attended these cooking classes have said that the chef was a fabulous host and that the food was absolutely fantastic. For some it was even one of the best cooking classes in Italy that they have ever attended.

4. The Awaiting Table - Half-day Fish Market and Rosè Cooking Classes in Italy

The awating table - Half day fish market and rose class - 1280x720

This cooking class will demystify Mediterranean fish in a single morning by teaching you enough about fish to make you confident in cooking it for the rest of life for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You will master pasta making, learn how to properly season your local vegetables and end everything on a sweet note. This cooking class will also help you understand the relationship between wine and the land, history and architecture and help you fall in love with the area.

You will meet trusted fishmongers, see fantastic art and discuss all the secrets of cooking everything on offer from round fish to flat fish and even cephalopods and shellfish. You will also discuss how the Mediterranean tides affect fish prices and how similar fish from the ocean, lake and river actually are.

You will also discuss the different vegetables of the region before heading back to the school to start cooking. You will be making pasta from scratch and learn why it is Italys healthiest and how the source of the flour drives local pasta shapes, texture and colour to make it the healthiest.

The next step in this cooking class is to prepare the fish and vegetables to create a local menu consisting of an antipasto, primo, secondo, 4 vegetable sides and a dolce. Afterwards you will discuss the local wine understand the role grape skins play and the effect that they have on wine.

This cooking class can easily rank as one of the best cooking classes in Italy because of all the information that you receive not just about the dishes but also the ingredients and what makes them so special.

5. Penisola Experience - Italian Cooking Classes in Italy

Penisola Experience - Italian cooking classes in Italy - 1280x720

This cooking class will have you cooking like a local in no time with plenty of hands on experience!

You will be guided through an amazing cooking class consisting of handmade Sorrentine style gnocchi, eggplant parmigiana and of course a decadent tiramisu. You will enjoy water, limoncello and local wine during your cooking classes and an incredible sea view while eating your dishes.

These cooking classes have been described as an amazing and unforgettable experience that have been recommended to many friends over the years. The food tours were well enjoyed and everyone definitely left more confident than when they started these cooking classes.

6. The Sicilian Pantry Cooking School - Italian Cooking Classes in Italy: Local Market Tour and Seasonal Dishes

The Sicilian Pantry - Italian Cooking class in Italy, Sicily - 1280x720

This cooking class will take you from the purchasing of the ingredients all the way to the dining table in this experience that will leave you feeling like you have just enjoyed one of the best cooking classes in Italy.

The cooking class will start the day at Mercato del Capo, one of Palermo’s oldest markets, where you will get hands on experience while shopping for your ingredients. You will then go back to the cooking school to prepare your delicious meals for the day and of course enjoy everything afterwards.

The cooking class uses seasonal ingredients so the menu constantly changes but it always includes a starter, a pasta dish, a main course and of course dessert. After class, you will receive recipes cards of all the dishes so that you can recreate these dishes in your own kitchen with your family and friends.

These cooking classes are held daily and they also offer cooking demonstrations and private dinners. It is possible for them to travel to your accommodation for a private lesson or to organise a meal if you have an adequate kitchen.

7. Nonna Flora Cooking School - Cooking Class and Beer Experience

Nonna Flora - Cooking Class and beer experience - 1280x720

Just a 10 min drive from the Birrificio Sorrento brewery, this cooking class will teach you how to incorporate beer into a 3 course traditional meal.

The brewery produces excellent local beers using products from the Sorrento Peninsula and you will learn more about them during this cooking class. You will participate in a guided tasting of the beers paired with the dishes of the day and it is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

They also offer other Italian cooking classes on topics such as pizza, cooking classes with a food shopping tour and even cooking classes in Italy for honeymooners! There are cooking classes available for children from 6-12 and 13-17 as well so you are sure to find a cooking class for everyone in the family.

These cooking classes have been described as fun and informative with the host being very welcoming. The kitchen was modern, beautiful and clean and the directions throughout the class were clear and easy to follow. Oh, and the beer tasted amazing, too!

8. Amalfi Gardens - Italian Cooking Class: Seasonal Ingredients and Menu

Amalfi Gardens - Italian cooking class in Amalfi - 1280x720

Come and join one of these Italy cooking classes in the terraced garden of the Amalfi Coast where you will taste local products and enjoy the dishes that you make to the fullest.

This cooking class will teach you the ways of an Italian kitchen by showing you the wonders of farm-to-table. You will harvest fresh ingredients from their vegetable garden and use them to create local Italian dishes such as homemade pasta, bruschetta and a fresh and fragrant lemon tiramisu.

You will get to enjoy all of this amazing Italian food after class paired with local wine and an incredible view.

They also offer kayak tours, water-sports and cruises as well as snorkel tours so no one in the family will left out if they don’t feel like doing one of the cooking classes.

Many people have loved these cooking classes in the past as the surroundings and atmosphere were both fantastic. The staff are described as helpful and warm and the experience is highly recommended. People especially loved observing the views while they were busy cooking during theses cooking classes.

9.The Rolling Pin Cooking School - A Tour of Classic Italian Recipes: Regional Italian Cooking Class

The Rolling Pin Cooking School- Regional Italian cooking class - 1280x720

These cooking classes in Italy are the perfect place to learn how to make seasonal Italian cuisine with local ingredients.

You will prepare a 4 course menu consisting of an antipasto (appetiser) of fresh pasta or risotto from scratch, a primo piatto and second piatto (first course and main course) of meat, fish or vegetarian dishes, and finally a dolce (dessert).

Past participants have said that the cooking classes were incredible and that everything was very clearly explained while they were busy with the food and that the chefs were very knowledgable and welcoming.

Others have commented that the staff were very helpful and that the booking process was also very easy. The cooking classes are farm to table and recommended for anyone who love to try local activities.

10. Tuscookany - Cooking Class in the Tuscan Countryside: Italian Regional Cuisine

Tuscookany - one day Italian cooking class at casa Ombuto - 1280x720

Come and breathe in the fresh air of the Tuscan countryside during this cooking class while enjoying a cup of delicious coffee and learning how to make good food.

This one of the best cooking classes in Italy to teach you that making pasta dishes from scratch is not as difficult as it seems. You will be using traditional methods and cooking skills and it is sure to be a unique culinary experience.

During this hands on cooking class you will be making a 4 course menu using delicious ingredients as fabulous host, chef Paolo Baccetti walks you through it. Afterwards everyone sits down and enjoys the feast of Italian cuisine with wine pairings.

These cooking classes were loved by all especially for the lovely surroundings consisting of the Tuscan countryside and fresh air. The staff were described as very helpful and friendly. Many participants have returned for more classes and tours of the area.

11. Tenuta Torciano Cooking Classes - Lasagna Cooking Class and Tasting

Tenuta torciano lasagna cooking class - 1280x720

This winery was founded in 1720 and has been passing down the skills of wine making from child to child for generations. The 13th generation of wine makers are currently running this internationally recognised luxury winery specialising in fine wine from the long established wine-producing Tuscan region.

These cooking classes are suitable for anyone, from beginner to anyone that has spent some time in a professional kitchen. This masterclass will be a fun and hands on experience that you won’t soon forget as you learn how to cook one of Italy’s favourite dishes.

The winery also offers a pasta making class where you will create 3 types of pasta and even a pizza making class where you will learn to make an amazing pizza dough and even cook it!

They also do chianti wine tours and even boast a whole section on their website that is dedicated to hundreds of recipes and wine pairings.

12. Rome with Chef - Hands On Pasta and Tiramisu Cooking Class

Rome with Chef cooking classes section

What could be better than making pasta and eating a decadent traditional tiramisu? Not much!

Come and join this cooking class guided by a local chef and master the secrets and skills behind these two dishes central to Roman cuisine. You will be making your own pasta dough and learn the tips and tricks that have been used for generations. You will knead, roll out, cut your pasta and pair it with delicious sauces that you make from fresh local ingredients.

Towards the end of this cooking class you will be cooking a traditional tiramisu that will leave you with a newfound respect for Italian culture. You will be taught how to perfectly balance dairy, booze and sweetness just like the professional chef at a local restaurant.

At the end of one of these cooking classes you will receive all the recipes via email and you are sure to be recreating these dishes in your own kitchen in no time!

13. Convivio Rome Italian Cooking Classes - Italian Cooking Class: Regional Cuisine and Seasonal Ingredients

One day cooking class with Convivio Rome - 1280x720

From the olive groves to the cobbled streets of a historic hilltop town, this cooking class offers more than just cooking. You will experience fantastic views and a guided tour around the stunning village that is sure to leave you speechless.

You will start the day with a beautiful drive and a stroll around Castelnuovo after which you will make your way to the family home in Sabine Hills where your cooking class will be held. These cooking classes will reveal the secrets behind the regional dishes and give you some helpful tips along the way.

The menu for the day will consist of 3 courses using seasonal ingredients and traditional methods. Towards the end of this cooking class everyone will enjoy their lunch on the terrace overlooking the olive groves, hilltop villages and monasteries.

This cooking class ends with an informal tour of Farfa with its hidden piazzas, secret passageways as carved stone archways. This village also contains a 15th century frescoed church as well as multiple art and craft shops and locally hand woven cloths.

Why stop at only one class? We invite you to unravel the secrets of baking your own bread, from the humble sourdough to the delightful focaccia. The joy of tasting your self-baked bread is unparalleled. Your gastronomical journey is just a click away. Explore our enticing bread-making classes in Italy now, because the best bread is the one you bake yourself!

Disclaimer: Note that the food images displayed on this website are for illustrative purposes only. They are not indicative of the actual dishes or presentations you should expect during the classes. We strive to provide the best culinary experience, but the appearance of dishes may vary. Always refer to class descriptions and details for accurate information on what to expect.

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